Matthew McConaughey calls for bipartisan gun control laws in new video

Matthew McConaughey calls for bipartisan gun control laws in new video

Matthew McConaughey released a dramatic, black-and-white video clip Friday calling for a bipartisan approach to gun control after he met with over 30 elected officials in Washington, DC to push for stronger legislation.

The Uvalde, Texas native is shown in the video meeting with officials from both sides of the aisle, including Sens. Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, Lindsey Graham, Cory Booker, Rep. Jerry Nadler, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Biden.

“This is and was about gun responsibility,” the clip, posted to Twitter, states in typed letters. 

“This is about mental health, safer schools … and keeping guns out of the irresponsible hands that, by rule of law, still have access to them today. The solution must come from both sides.” 

While in Washington, the Oscar winner delivered an impassioned speech on the Uvalde school shooting tragedy in the White House briefing room, where he called for background checks, more red flag laws and a focus on “responsible gun ownership.” 

Matthew McConaughey
Actor and Uvalde native Matthew McConaughey has called on bipartisan gun control measures.
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“These regulations are not a step back, they’re a step forward for a civil society and the second amendment,” he said during the 20-minute monologue. 

“Is this a cure all? Hell no. But people are hurting, families are, parents are.”

At the end of the video clip, he doubled down on that call. 

“For ourselves, our children, Republicans, Democrats and our fellow Americans, it’s time to be responsible,” the video states. 

While the 52-year-old has long been a supporter of the Second Amendment and has said he learned about “responsible gun ownership” during his years in Uvalde, he wants to see stronger laws, such as raising the minimum age to buy an AR-15 to 21. 

On Thursday, Politico reported the movie star tapped DC lobbying firm Avisa Partners to represent his interests in Washington and lobby for “responsible gun ownership.” 

McConaughey was born in Uvalde and lived there until he was 12. Following the tragedy that killed 19 students and two teachers, he traveled to the rural enclave to visit a memorial for the victims and meet with their families.

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