Mega Millions lottery jackpot hits $830 million

Mega Millions lottery jackpot hits $830 million

Wannabe millionaires with 9-figure dreams rushed to buy tickets Tuesday for the still-climbing Mega Millions lottery — which has become the 4th largest jackpot in US history at $830 million.

“I’ll play today. We’ll see how it goes and see if I go to work on Monday,” said Ritchie Brown, of Astoria, Queens.

Brown was buying five lottery tickets from Lucky Pizzeria near the Queensboro Plaza subway stop in hopes that his numbers will come up in Tuesday’s 11 p.m. drawing and he’ll become nearly a billionaire.

“I kinda got bad luck, so I really don’t gamble. But for $800 million it’s worth taking a chance,” the 56-year-old said, adding he only purchases a ticket when the jackpot is more than $300 million. 

“You know, $1 million, $2 million, you buy a couple of things, you spend that s—,” he said.

The winning ticket, which has an estimated cash value of $487.9 million, will be one of the biggest ever, Mega Millions told The Post.

The Ave. A Deli and Food Inc. in Manhattan has a steady stream of customers looking to win the jackpot.
The Ave. A Deli and Food Inc. in Manhattan has a steady stream of customers looking to win the jackpot.
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The largest winning Mega Millions ticket, $1.537 billion, was bought in South Carolina in October 2018, and the second largest was purchased in Jan 2021 when a Michigan player won $1.05 billion. The largest-ever lotto win in the U.S. was a Jan. 2016 Powerball ticket worth $1.586 billion that was spilt between three winners.

Chandra Seward, who was buying tickets in Harlem, but she wasn’t feeling that good about her chances of winning.

“Understand, don’t nobody hit unless they live in West bumblef–k and they already retired and already established,” she told The Post.

Seward, 59, usually sticks with scratch-off but was tempted by the massive jackpot. She bought a lottery ticket in west Harlem around 12:30 p.m. and plans to go uptown later and buy another. 

The numbers drawn Friday night were: 14, 40, 60, 64, 66. The Mega Ball number was 16.

Four lucky ticket-holders won a prize of $1 million, three of whom are Megaplier winners, which makes their total worth $3 million.

Yomar Santos, 33, a clerk at Luna Deli in Harlem, said he sold about $50-$80 more lottery tickets on Tuesday than he normally does.  

Tuesday's drawing is at 11 pm EST.
Tuesday’s drawing is at 11 pm EST.
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“Most of them say if they win they’re coming back. To gift me,” he explained. Santos is going to buy tickets for himself tonight before the 11pm EST drawing. 

Another NYC resident, Thomas Bergamo, bought a ticket through the Mega Millions app and thinks they might win based on their astrology chart.

“All my tarot pulls, rune sets, and crystal energy grids have had an aspect pointing towards wealth accumulation,” they said. “So I’m trusting that what’s for me, won’t miss me!”

The 25-year-old struggles to make ends meet working retail in the city, and will keep playing even if they don’t win today.

Meanwhile, fast food restaurant Raising Cane’s bought 50,000 Mega Millions tickets for its workers ahead of of the Tuesday drawing and said a winning ticket would be shared equally among its entire workforce.

Seward says even if she wins, she won’t leave New York City.

“I’ll stay where I am, just find someplace else to get out of the city sometimes. You don’t leave where you come from,” she said.

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