Mexican protester mob attacks Russian tourists for not paying ‘toll’

Mexican protester mob attacks Russian tourists for not paying 'toll'

A pair of Russian tourists were pulled from their car and attacked by a mob of Mexican protesters near Cancun after refusing to pay the men a “toll” for driving down the road.

The shocking caught-on-video assault happened Monday on the Ocosingo-San Cristobal de las Casas Highway in Quintana Roo, with about 20 men stopping the tourists’ vehicle, Mexican News Daily reported.

Cellphone phone footage of the incident, first published by the Mexican Spanish-language news outlet Milenio, shows the protesters — most of them wielding sticks — confront the couple after pulling them from the car.

One tourist, a shirtless man, is seen trying to fend off the attack as the men grow increasingly violent, as they can then be seen kicking at the couple and waving the sticks menacingly.

At least one of the assailants can be seen throwing punches.

Russian tourists attacked by mob
Cellphone footage captured the violent attack.

According to Mexican News Daily, groups identifying themselves as political demonstrators or protesters in Mexico occasionally create roadblocks — typically in spots where there are speed bumps — to set up the toll-collecting scams.

The Russians were eventually able to get away after their car was vandalized.

The state Attorney General’s Office is now investigating the incident.

The caught-on-video attack happened near the resort town of Cancun.
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