Microsoft Surface Book 2-in-1 – Best Portable Laptop

Getting a laptop that give you the combo function of both tablet and laptop is not so common because giving the same feature and spec in both is a tough job. Microsoft Surface Book a 2-in-1 laptop is the most powerful laptop that you will ever encounter.

Based on its design and performance, the portable laptop is the next level tech that give you the exact what you want in any laptop. From its core performance to its specs, the uniqueness follows in every step but you have to pay for in huge amount.

The article is about why Microsoft Surface Book is the best combo laptop in every aspect and giving a detailed overview about the laptop will give you an idea about why you should go for it while considering combo laptops.


Sleek, compact and tough design of Microsoft Surface Book will get you in the first look why it’s the best laptop. The dimensions of the laptop are 13.5×9.87×0.5 inches (LxWxH) and the weight is 4.2 pounds. The tough metallic body make it more protective and at the same time it’s easy to carry around.

The screen of the laptop is detachable with fulcrum hinges with just a click on detach button of the right side of keyboard. The laptop will automatically shift to tablet mode and you can also put back the screen on the keyboard.

The laptop screen can also movable into 360 degree with the gray color of the laptop is an attractive approach depending upon the choice of the person. Microsoft logo is at the back of the screen and overall the design gives a classy look.


Only the design is not appealing but what they offer in the combo laptop is what everyone dreams. The laptop has 1.9 GHz CPU with Core i-7 processor and give 4.2 GHz with turbo boost. The best feature of the laptop spec is its Graphic unit which is UHD 620, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB dedicated virtual RAM. The RAM is 16 GB which gives you the maximum performance.

The 15-inch screen display with 3240×2160 HD pixels can play any AAA games with high resolutions. Storage of the laptop is 512 GB PCIe 3.0 SSD and run the laptop feature in faster way.

The ports in the laptop are 2 USB 3.1, 1 USB 3.1 type-c, 2 Surface connect ports, SD card holder, 3.5 mm audio jack and there is not HDMI port in the laptop. Talk about connectivity then the laptop offers 802.11ac WIFI technology with Bluetooth and Xbox wireless.

The laptop has both front and rare camera which can work as tablet when you want. The front camera is 5MP with Hello face-authentication and the rare autofocus camera is 8 MP which more then enough. Both camera support 1080p HD visual system.


Despite the combo function of both tablet and laptop, Microsoft Surface Book has new features that aren’t in the previous model. Though those features will cost you enough but that would-be one-time cost.

The GTX 1060 GPU will enables you to give the maximum HD display output and playing games with the highest performance is not a problem now. Laptops have GPU system has less battery timing but that is beaten by Microsoft as their battery timing is more than the latest gaming laptops which is 7 to 8 hours.

The keyboard and trackpad of the laptop give you a look just like MacBook and is more sophisticated than any laptop. The keyboard keys have the best performance and click that you will ever see and they are also gray in the color not black like MacBook Air. The laptop can support 260ppi video resolution and 3:2 is the aspect ratio.


Overall the laptop that give you both tablet and laptop functions are rare but Microsoft Surface Book is at the top of those category. Based on its specs, design, new feature and the hard material, there is no one that can beat Microsoft Surface Book.

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