Microsoft Unveils New Corporate Logo


I just wrote an article in the August 2012 West Chester Technology Newsletter reporting my belief that inovation has returned to Microsoft. I must say Microsoft must have been inspired by my article because today for the first time in nearly 25 years, Microsoft has redesigned its corporate logo.

On first sight I must say I really like it. Nice, clean and sharp. Well done.

As Mary Jo Foley of ZDnet reported Microsoft’s logo gets a makeover, here are the basics: The font is Segoe; the intention is meant to imply “digital motion.” Segoe and motion are both key to the Microsoft’s Metro interface/design philosophy, which has been a key component in a number of recent Microsoft products, services and Web sites. But because Metro is now on Microsoft’s banned words list, Microsoft isn’t able to say that the new logo reflects the company’s Metro UI/design principles.