Microsoft’s 100GB Free Cloud Storage Offer

If you are a regular reader of this fine blog you surely are aware that I am a big fan of Microsoft’s “OneDrive” cloud storage solution.

When Microsoft was forced to change the name of its cloud storage from SkyDrive, many people thought it was unfair — myself included. After all, SkyTV, who had sued Microsoft over the name, is an entirely different product. However at the end of the day I like the OneDrive name better and Microsoft handled the name change perfectly.


By default, OneDrive comes with 7 GB free — which very often is more than enough cloud storage for the average user to store documents. One of the benefits for cosumers from the name change is that you can now get an additional 3 GB for enabling auto-backup for pictures on mobile device.

The Benefits of Enabling Auto Backup for Pictures

This is a great way to back-up your pictures and make them easily available wherever you are and on whatever computer, tablet or smartphone you are using. It can also serve as an immediate backup of the pictures you take. For example lets just say that you just snapped that perfect photo after which you dropped you phone into a well, never to see it again. No problem your photo and all the others you had taken are in your OneDrive, safe and sound!

Back To That 100GB of Free Cloud Storage

Recently Microsoft announced another way to get a 100GB for free, with Bing Rewards. Now that is a lot of space!

“To celebrate the recent launch of Microsoft’s OneDrive, for a limited time Bing and OneDrive are offering 100 GB of OneDrive storage  to all new and existing members of Bing Rewards for just 100 credits. OneDrive gives you one place for all of your files, including photos, videos, and documents, and it’s available across the devices you use every day. Giving our members the ability to increase their storage by 100 GB for a year, which has a $50 value, allows us to provide another perk for our most consistent and loyal Bing users”, says Alex Danskin, Senior Marketing Manager, Bing Rewards.

If you are unfamiliar with Bing it is basically Microsoft’s version of Google. Bing is actually a very exceptional internet search tool and I find myself using it more often then Google.  Lucky for me I had already signed up for “Bing Rewards” which awards you points for doing various things in Bing and I already had well over 200 points so I was able to claim my 100GB of free space immediately. Receiving points with “Bing Rewards” is very easy. I recommend checking this out within a short time you will find yourself with 111 GB of free cloud storage. That is a great deal.

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