Microsoft’s OneNote Gains New Features

Microsoft is doubling down on its OneNote note-taking app. This past week Microsoft announced a major new upgrade for the app. The latest versions contain a number of new features for a variety of devices, including iOS and Android updates, that will begin rolling out in the next couple weeks. Among the new features is the ability to add audio and attach files to your notes.

The increased functionality should help OneNote keep pace with the features available in other popular note-taking programs, such as Evernote and Apple Notes. Although Microsoft seems to be positioning the upgrades as particularly valuable for students and educators, some of the new functionality should also go a long way toward making business users happy as well.

This recent upgrade also brings audio recording to the Web, iPhone, and iPad versions of the app, with additional updates and more features on the way.

Additional OneNote Features Added

OneNote-in-November-1 OneNote gets better audio recording, more cool featuresAndroid devices, meanwhile, are getting an upgrade in the form of a new Android badge. The badge, which can be placed anywhere on the screen, can float even when other apps are being used. The update makes it easier for users to copy and paste notes from other applications or jot down ideas without disrupting their workflows. The OneNote badge will be rolling out in phases over the next three weeks, the company said.

The iOS version is also getting special treatment. The latest version for Apple devices is getting Force Touch support, which will allow users to create new notes or navigate to their recent notes by changing the amount of pressure they apply with their fingers. The iOS is also getting some display optimization to take advantage of the iPad Pro’s new screen resolution.

The Web app and mobile devices aren’t the only versions getting upgrades. OneNote 2016 for Windows desktop is also getting some new features, such as the ability to embed online videos directly into its desktop canvas environment. The new feature allows users to embed YouTube, Vimeo, and content from other online video platforms directly into their notes.

I know that I use OneNote almost every day for meetings and collaborating so these feature additions are welcome to an already great app.

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