Microsoft’s Play with One Drive for Your Music

If you are a dedicated OneDrive user like me, and if like me you have “unlimited” OneDrive space the one thing missing from this perfect cloud storage relationship is a built in music player for OneDrive. With unlimited storage (with Office 365) there is no end to the amount of music that you can store in the cloud. However Microsoft has not built in a music player for OneDrive… but that is about to change.

Microsoft announced today that the company is selling its MixRadio music service to LINE however at the same time the company is about to make some serious improvements to its Xbox Music service and it comes with a little help from OneDrive.

There has been rumor and real evidence recently that OneDrive was going to soon support music storage. An upcoming update to both OneDrive and Xbox Music will make it possible to store your music in OneDrive and access it anywhere using the Xbox Music app.

It is also believed that there will be an option to import playlists from other services, such as iTunes.

This update for Xbox Music and OneDrive will make it easier to access your content on nearly any device and proves Microsoft’s commitment to the music streaming service. This this means that music lovers like me with large audio libraries will be able to listen to all of their music, anywhere, without any additional fees.

This is a big deal for Microsoft because Apple currently charges $24.99 for a very similar service.

It is believed by many that the update could roll out soon. I will be watching closely for this update and report on it as soon as I get a chance to check it out. This will be Microsoft’s attempt to snatch some users from Apple and other music services for Xbox Music.

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