Millions in Northeast face messy commute as storm brings snow, rain

Millions in Northeast face messy commute as storm brings snow, rain

Millions of people in the Northeast and along the I-95 corridor are being asked to take it slow on the roads Monday morning as a winter storm continues to bring rain and snow to the region.

The storm began Sunday, and by Monday morning, snow was reported across the interior Northeast and northern New England, while rain fell in southern New England and along the I-95 corridor through New York City and points south.

Due to the expected storm track, the I-95 corridor will be socked into a cold, steady rain while the snow remains confined to the interior Northeast, away from the larger cities such as New York and Philadelphia. 

“As it moves up along the coast, it pulls up some warmer air right along the coast,” FOX Weather meteorologist Craig Herrera said. “We will see some drenching, cooler rain right along the coast. But to the north of there, where have the nice, cold air in place, places like Maine all the way through Vermont and New Hampshire.”

This means places like New York City will continue their snowless streak through at least Monday.

Location, elevation plays role in the type of precipitation falling

Rain has been falling in Boston and along the coast, while inland in central Massachusetts, there have been reports of frozen precipitation like sleet and freezing rain.

Snow was reported in western Massachusetts, which is higher in elevation thanks to the Berkshires. Snow was also falling further north into Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and interior New York state.

Winter weather alerts.
Winter weather alerts are in effect across the Northeast and New England.
FOX Weather

Snowfall rates could approach an inch per hour across portions of upstate New York and northern New England.

Where the heavy snow does set up, 6-plus inches of accumulation is possible. In the higher elevations above 3,000 feet, Herrera said, a foot of fresh snow could fall. This snowfall will be much welcomed by the Northeast ski resorts, which have been largely lacking in snow so far this winter.

While the FOX Forecast Center isn’t expecting blockbuster snow totals from this storm, many areas could pick up several inches before it moves away from the area.

Precipitation will continue through Monday.
FOX Weather

The National Weather Service in Albany said areas from the Mohawk Valley and Capital Region northeastward, snow totals should be around or above 6 inches.

Some areas, like Saratoga Springs, New York, and Manchester, Vermont, could pick up nearly a foot of snow.

Winter Storm Warnings have been issued from western Massachusetts into southern Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Winter Storm Warnings are also in effect across central New York from the Binghamton area to Albany.

Precipitation will continue through Monday and will exit the region by Monday night.

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