Minimum Specs Required For Gaming in a Laptop | Query Solved

When you are about to get into gaming, it’s a little hard to get the best possible gaming laptop out on the market. Yes, it’s way important to think before buying a gaming laptop. Now I am not talking about a laptop for games like Mario and metal. I am talking the high-end games like PUBG, GTA V, etc. What more important is that that laptop should perform smoothly at these games. Yes, there are gaming laptops under 500 which support these games but I am sorry to tell you that they might not have performance that might be expecting. On the other hand, these budget gaming laptops can perform better at some low-end games like the prince of Persia, PUBG mobile on the emulator and a few others. Apart from that, we also have some of top of the line laptops which is a relief in gaming. But here we’re talking about the minimum specs so we’ll stick t that.


Graphics is the main component which plays an important role in managing the frame rates. We can’t deny the fact that a faster graphics card delivers the smooth graphics on the screen. So the minimum GPU which is required for gaming should be GTX 1050 but if you want more frame rates I would strongly recommend going for a GTX 1070 Ti.


If I only mention the GPU, that’s not enough, If you want the perfect gaming, the high-end processor is must. Basically, there are many CPUs on the market these days but when you go for a laptop, I would recommend to go for a laptop with the latest gen processor. Core i5 is a nice option if you’re about t start gaming from the scratch. `Other than that you can also go to a higher level if you want your laptop to handle everything on the best way possible.


That’s the part that we can’t deny In fact even if you have the best possible hardware but if you’re having a low memory, your laptop is going to struggle in managing many tasks at the same time So i would recommend starting with the basic memory of 8GB which is enough for multi-tasking. Furthermore, you can also buy a laptop with the higher specs but 8GB would be enough I guess.


My final remarks on buying the best gaming laptop are that if you’re a beginner, i would recommend to go with the gaming laptop under the budget of 500 which is a good start. If you want to have the laptop with the blazing performance, you can go to the higher level but the main thing is that you have to leave more bucks on the table.

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