Mom blasts Anna Bella Dukes over son’s Snapchat hostage death

Mom blasts Anna Bella Dukes over son's Snapchat hostage death

A heartbroken New Mexico mom on Wednesday blasted the teen girl arrested in her son’s Snapchat-fueled hostage scheme murder for taking “everything away from us.”

Anna Bella Dukes, 18, was taken into custody on Monday for her part in the murder of former correction officer Elias Otero in Albuquerque in February 2021.

Otero’s mother, Alicia Otero, told The Post the teen and others involved should rot in prison.

“I think she should pay for what she did. I think they should all get a life sentence,” Alicia said.

“How could you do this to someone? She took everything away from us.”

The mother, who has been fighting for tougher laws in New Mexico in the wake of her son’s death, said she would be “devastated” if Dukes ended up being released on bail under the state’s reform laws.

“We’ve had bail reform in New Mexico and it’s been a failure. They are just letting them out,” Alicia said.

Anna Bella Dukes
Elias Otero’s mother told The Post that Anna Bella Dukes should spend the rest of her life in prison.
Albuquerque Police Department
Adrian Avila
Adrian Avila turned himself in to authorities.
Albuquerque Police Department

Dukes is due to face court on Friday on charges of murder, kidnapping, armed robbery, tampering with evidence and conspiracy.

Police said the teen had been messaging Otero’s brother, Nicholas, on Snapchat when she allegedly lured him to a late-night meeting at Alvarado Park so her boyfriend, Adrian Avila, 17, and another suspect could rob him.

Nicholas had picked up Dukes from an address she said was her home before they drove to the park in his red Lexus at about 2 a.m. on Feb. 11., according to the criminal complaint.

Elias Otero
Elias Otero was shot and killed in February, 2021.
Courtesy of Daniels Family Funeral Services

He told police he felt he was being set up when Dukes started asking him about the necklace he was wearing, where he kept his cash and if he had a gun in the car.

Nicholas then spotted Dukes had secretly called someone on her phone — who cops later identified as Avila — and was letting him listen in, the complaint said.

After telling Dukes he was leaving, Nicholas told investigators he spotted a second vehicle pull up behind him and saw armed suspects get out.

The suspects allegedly dragged Nicholas from his red Lexus and demanded the cash, jewelry and gun from him.

Nicholas said he recalled seeing one of the suspects put Dukes in the second vehicle, the complaint said.

Anna Bella Dukes, 18, was arrested Monday for her part in the February 2021 murder of former correction officer Elias Otero, 24, Albuquerque police said.
Dukes was arrested Monday, January 24, 2022 for her alleged part in the February 2021 murder of former correction officer Elias Otero.
Albuquerque Police Department/Tw

The suspects then drove Nicholas to his brother’s house and allegedly ordered Elias to bring money outside. Elias emerged from the house with his own gun and threatened to shoot the suspects, according to police.

At some point, police said Avila fired his gun at Elias — killing him in the street. Nicholas jumped out of the car as the suspects fled the scene, police said.

According to a text exchange included in the complaint, Dukes had sent Nicholas a message in the minutes after the robbery she allegedly arranged, saying: “Are you oku?! I ran I’m still running idk where to go.”

Investigators later linked the second vehicle the suspects used in the homicide to a previous carjacking just hours earlier.

In the earlier carjacking, police said Dukes had allegedly used Snapchat to lure that victim as well.

According to the complaint, Dukes had sent a message to a friend in the lead up to both incidents saying “I’m gonna run away acting all scared” as she allegedly discussed the plots.

Avila turned himself into police in late December and is facing the same murder, kidnapping, armed robbery, tampering with evidence and conspiracy charges as Dukes.

The other suspect involved hasn’t been named publicly by police.

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