Mystery of missing mom Heidi Planck deepens after dog turns up

Mystery of missing mom Heidi Planck deepens after dog turns up

A California mom has been missing more than two weeks after she fled her son’s football game looking “antsy” — and the mystery has only deepened with her dog discovered inside a random Los Angeles apartment building.

Heidi Planck, the 39-year-old financial controller of a company reportedly under investigation for a $43 million fraud, was last seen on Oct. 17 watching her 10-year-old son play football, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

She had joined her ex-husband, Jim Wayne, who told NBC’s “Dateline” that she left their son’s football game at halftime and appeared “edgy.”

“She was a little bit antsy, yes. I don’t know why,” Wayne said. “All I know is that was the last time I saw her or talked to her.”

The ex said he was surprised when he did not hear from Planck in the following days because they usually spoke or texted every day. He realized something was seriously wrong when she did not pick up their son, Bond, as expected on Oct. 20.

“She’s a devoted mother who would never, ever leave her son,” Wayne told NBC.

When Wayne accessed her phone, he found messages that were left by a woman who found Planck’s dog on the 28th floor of a downtown LA apartment building just three hours after the mom was last seen.

Security for both the building and individual floors is extensive, Wayne said, insisting no one has any idea how the dog got there — or if Planck had any ties to the high-rise.

Heidi Planck.
Heidi Planck was last seen on Oct. 17 watching her 10-year-old son play football.

Compounding the mystery, the building’s management has refused to let cops search the complex or review security footage without a warrant, local CBS 2 reported.

“It seems to us that everything stems from that building where her dog was found,” a friend told the outlet. The building’s management did not respond to the station’s request for comment.

On Friday, federal agents and LAPD robbery-homicide detectives carried out a search warrant at Planck’s home — bursting in with guns drawn, CBS 2 said.

The officers believed they were walking into an active crime scene, sources told the station, without detailing what was found inside.

However, agents took away some files, seemingly connected to the fact that Planck’s employer is under a federal securities investigation for possible fraud charges, the outlet said.

The missing woman’s LinkedIn shows that she is a controller and executive assistant at Camden Capital Partners. The company’s managing partner, Jason Sugarman, was charged in June 2019 for his role in a scheme to steal $43 million of client funds they purported to invest in Native American tribal bonds, said.

His business partner, Jason Galanis, was last year sentenced to 189 months in prison for his participation in multiple fraudulent schemes, including the tribal bond scheme, the outlet said.

Planck’s son, meanwhile, turns 11 next week and “wants to spend his birthday” with his mom, Wayne told NBC.

“He was doing OK until he saw a photo of them the other day — and then he just broke down. He told me that he just wanted one more time to talk to her. That hurt. That was really painful,” he said.

“We’re just hoping for a miracle and that she comes home,” he said.

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