Neighbor’s pet monkey nearly rips off woman’s ear

Neighbor's pet monkey nearly rips off woman's ear

A neighbor’s pet monkey attacked an Oklahoma mom in her front yard over the weekend, nearly ripping off her ear while tearing out clumps of her hair.

Brittany Parker of Dickson told KXII she was relaxing in her home Sunday afternoon when a monkey climbed onto her front porch.

“He was pacing back, and then he was jumping off of my railing and hitting my storm door,” Parker said.

The monkey, whose local owner has not been named, ripped off part of the home’s door handle before Parker called 911 and police responded to the scene.

Images from just before the attack show the beige creature climbing over Parker’s porch furniture.

The monkey climbing on Parker's outdoor porch furniture.
The monkey climbed on Parker’s porch furniture before the attack.

Once Parker saw the monkey behaving normally toward the officers, she went outside with her son to get a closer look, which prompted the animal to charge.

“He crawled up my back, yanked out multiple wads of hair and then ripped my ear in half. And it was just hanging,” she told the outlet.

Parker was taken to the hospital, where she was treated for her injuries and given a rabies shot.

Brittany Parker.
Parker says she is now worried about safety in her neighborhood.

After the attack, the monkey went missing for several hours before a nearby friend of Parker’s shot and killed it.

Dickson Police Chief Tim Duncan told KXII that Parker’s call to report the monkey was so bizarre that the responders were not sure they heard correctly.

“It’s Oklahoma, it happens. We get animal calls all the time,” he explained.

The monkey sitting on a bench on Parker's porch.
The suspect monkey was shot dead after the attack.

“It’s something that we deal with. T’s just – monkeys are not a normal thing for us.”

Both Parker and Duncan also told KTUL that they were not aware there was a pet monkey in the area.

“Since the woman was injured pretty badly, we’re taking the information to the district attorney’s office, and they’ll make a final decision on what they want to do with this case,” Duncan said.

Meanwhile, Parker, who will require plastic surgery for her ear injury, says she is worried about safety in her neighborhood.

“I think that there needs to be some type of law that says that you need to have some kind of training as well as a certificate to even hold these type of animals,” she said.

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