Netflix Brings Us

Netflix has just launched what is probably the simplest speed test on the Web. It’s called

It’s incredibly minimal, and loads pretty much immediately, probably because there are no ads. It only measures your internet service provider’s (ISP) download speed, which it will present in huge digits after a few seconds of testing.

And that’s it. A frequently asked questions section explains that keeping the site minimal was a conscious choice:

Netflix does give you the option to compare your results with, which provides detailed results on upload speeds, latency and other metrics as well. That’s a nice touch, given the companies aren’t affiliated at all – there’s isn’t even a link to Netflix proper.

This is obviously part of the Netflix’s continued battle against slow ISP speeds, and I would not be surprised to see links to show up on the Netflix site and apps, especially when users are having connection problems.. The site ends its FAQ section fairly pointedly:

“If results from and other speed tests often show less speed than you have paid for, you can ask your ISP about the results.”

Will this help for consumers with slow ISP’s? I hope it at least helps shine a light on ISP’s who are proving slow connections to customers who are paying for faster speeds — and not getting it.

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