New Password Warnings!


Once again more security breaches are in the news. This time, it deals with a subsection of Yahoo, called Yahoo Voices. Hackers posted more than 450,000 login names and passwords of Voices users, and it was said to be done as a wake-up call to Yahoo and others to step up security. The Voices section of Yahoo was slacking in security and did not hash passwords or require complicated strings.

CNET\’s Declan McCullagh wrote a program to comb through the most frequently used passwords that surfaced in the breach. The most common password was 123456. Other popular choices include the word “password” and pop-culture terms like superman, starwars.

This should be a warning to everyone. Put some thought into your passwords, mixing up letters, numbers and special characters. And just as important DO NOT use the same password on all of the sites and services you use.