New Zealand man shot dead by cops after injuring multiple people in mall

New Zealand man shot dead by cops after injuring multiple people in mall

New Zealand police officers shot and killed a man who injured several people in an apparent attack at an Auckland mall supermarket, according to local reports.

“Police can confirm that a man has entered a New Lynn supermarket and injured multiple people,” police said in a statement to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Police have located the man and he has been shot. He has died at the scene.”

Videos posted online showed panicked shoppers fleeing the shopping mall during the attack, in which at least four people are reported to have been seriously injured, however that has not yet been confirmed by law enforcement agencies.

Heavily armed police and ambulances are at the scene, the Herald reported.

Witness reports suggest that the attack may have been a stabbing, with one witness telling the paper he saw an elderly man lying on the ground with a stab wound to his abdomen and a middle-aged woman stabbed in the shoulder.

Another witness, Brittany Denyer, was just about to enter the mall when police told her leave immediately. She described the scene of shoppers running away from the attack.

“People were panicking, and it was a gridlock trying to get out of New Lynn. Police and ambulances [were] everywhere. I was told by another police officer while I was waiting to be diverted that someone had been stabbed,” she told The Herald.

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