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realize and I apologize that I have not written any tech articles during the past week or so but I have been really busy and there has not really been any tech news out there that would grab your interest. That’s not to say that there are not exciting things on the horizon. There certainly is!

Active Projects
Interactive projectors are scheduled to be installed in our municipal building next month and with any luck we will be launching “West Chester Connect” in early July.

Windows Phone
I continue using a Windows Phone and for the most part this has been my primary mobile device since October 2012. This operating system has continued to grow and improve in big ways since it’s launch. I am looking to make a decision this summer in respect to the mobile devices we use at the Borough. Since Blackberry’s departure as our primary mobile phone an assortment of Apple and Android devices have been issued. The problem here is that it can be challenging to support so many different mobile devices for the staff. This situation in addition to the seamless integration of Microsoft Office, Skydrive, SharePoint & Lync will probably lead us to adopting Windows Phone as the official phone for our staff this fall. Stay tuned.

Microsoft 365
Microsoft has scheduled our organization for a system upgrade on June 1, 2013. We covered the changes that are coming during our technology training this month. If you missed the training you can check out the slideshow here. The big improvements that many of you will see is the ability to upgrade from Office 2010 to Office 2013 and to access Microsoft Office anywhere through Microsoft’s new Office Web Apps.

In addition to all of this news I wanted to make available this great short video which goes through the history of Microsoft Windows. It is amazing that Windows has been with us so long (1985).