Oh, chute! Flight attendant mistakenly deploys inflatable slide first day on job

Oh, chute! Flight attendant mistakenly deploys inflatable slide first day on job

He gave Friday the 13th a slide.

A brand-new British Airways flight attendant landed in hot water when he accidentally deployed an inflatable slide while the plane was taxiing.

The unnamed newbie crew member aboard Flight BA75 bound for Lagos, Nigeria, on Friday, Jan. 13 inexplicably opened an emergency door, causing the Boeing 777’s slide to pop out moments after the plane pushed back from the airport gate, The Sun reported.

Emergency crews rushed to the aircraft — thinking it was about to be evacuated — before realizing the neophyte’s embarrassing slip-up.

Stunned passengers were delayed for about four hours.

“The aircraft returned to stand and customers disembarked normally. We apologized to customers for the inconvenience caused, provided them with refreshment vouchers and arranged a replacement aircraft so that they could continue their journey as planned,” a BA rep told The Sun.

Emergency slide deployed on British Airways plane
A British Airways flight attendant was ordered to be retrained after he accidentally opened a door and deployed the inflatable slide on the first day on the job.
Twitter / @MZulqarnainBut1

The blunder cost the airline about $60,000 – the cost of a new slide, switching to another aircraft and missing the take-off slot, according to the outlet.

On his Twitter feed M Zulqarnain B, an aviation data analyst shared images of the deployed slide surrounded by emergency vehicles and personnel on the tarmac.

Engineers were dispatched to remove the slide, which then had to be replaced with a new one.

The red-faced flight attendant — whose career took off with a resounding thud – was removed from duty and ordered back to training, according to the outlet.

Boeing 777-200 jets have eight slides, which are deployed in just six seconds when crew members open plane doors in the “automatic” position.

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