December 2020 Online Earnings Report

December 2020 Online

December turned out to be a pretty good month, after all. I had a few scares, and a tough start, but things ended up on a good note. Overall net profit was green, with a 4.78% increase over November. That doesn’t set any worlds on fire, but as I always say, green is green, and I’ll take it.

The big winner for December was Adsense. I had a very good Adsense month indeed – with a hefty 38.9% increase over last month – now that’s what I’m talking about. What contributed? Well, mainly one site again. I hunkered down and hammered out over 50 posts on that one site, and it looks like it paid off.

I know 50 posts in one month isn’t a lot to some folks, but to me it’s absurd. I’ve never even come close to that number on a single blog before. I’m sure going to try again though.

Text Link Ads showed a 3.1% increase. Again small, but positive. A 3% increase every month for a year or two adds up to real money.

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Unfortunately, December didn’t bring affiliate profits. In fact, it brought a loss that was nearly 3 times the loss from November – that hurts. However, there were a few bright spots in that ugly pile of red ink. I’m learning what not to do, and I’m learning it pretty quickly. I’m looking to post a profit in January of 07 here.

Overall, just two income sources made up my December profits. Adsense accounted for a whopping 80%, and TLA for 20%. I’ve decided to skip the chart this month, as 80/20 is pretty easy to visualize. Again, I am leery of my dependence on Adsense. While Adsense is a great program, I don’t like to see 80% of my profit come from this source alone – it’s risky!

December 2020
Online Earnings Report

What next for January? Well for starters, I’m going to attempt to match my post count on my most profitable Adsense-earning site. It worked well in December, and I hope it does the same for January. I will hopefully have a few more sites qualify for Text Link Ads, which would be fantastic. I may be a few months away in that regard, however.

On the affiliate side, I’ve cut a few programs completely since they were just bleeding red ink. I’m going to revamp one major project completely, because I think it has potential. I’m also slowly ramping up a potentially huge project – I want to make sure it can be profitable before dumping too much time and money into it.

Well, that’s my December. I’ll have a year-end report out soon, once I have a chance to tally everything up and outline some goals.

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