Other People’s Food – Sweet and Tangy Barbecue Sauce

Other People’s Food – Sweet and Tangy Barbecue Sauce
Other People’s Food – Sweet and Tangy Barbecue Sauce

It was Sunday morning and with little planned i made a decision to form ‘good dinner.’ Mind you my wife and that i cook very often but somehow seem to form an equivalent meals again and again. i’m not saying they’re not ‘good’ but once you begin repeating it’s hard to urge excited that same ole meal.

Off to the fridge/freezer to ascertain what I had to figure with. My choices were thick-cut pork chops or pigeon breast. To the blog-o-sphere to seek out a worthy recipe. What I found next was amazing – a blog titled Spoon Fork Bacon – finally, someone who gets me. I drooled on my computer for about an hour and settled on Sweet and Tangy sauce and grilling those thick-cut pork chops.

Here is claimed original recipe in picture form (click thereon to enlarge):

Tangy BBQ Recipe My variations:

No fresh thyme within the house so I had to use dried. More bacon grease stayed in my creation than is specified here in step 1. I didn’t puree my sauce as i prefer it thick and chunky.

Directions got followed pretty closely as there’s not much to creating BBQ sauce except the variations in ingredients. the instant you’ve got all been expecting , recipe by pictures:

  • Thick pork chops with Montreal seasoning.
  • Sweet&Tangy BBQ_ChopsSauté the garlic, onion, and bacon.
  • Sweet&Tangy BBQ_Saute

Add all the ingredients and let it simmer. Sweet&Tangy BBQ_Sauce

I add the sauce on the grill in order that they come off like this.Sweet&Tangy BBQ_Final


Were the ingredients hard to find? Not in the least . I had all of them in my kitchen (except for fresh thyme). The ingredient i used to be most curious about was the spaghetti sauce . I even have made many an sauce and never used spaghetti sauce . It figured out quite nicely.

How did it taste? As you’ve got read in my (or maybe not) rib recipe post I make my very own BBQ sauce. i prefer it a touch on the spice side instead of the tangy side but i used to be willing to undertake something new. And…I am glad that I did.

With a big amount leftover I’m wondering what else I could put this on…I know where your dirty minds went. I meant what other food items are I able to put this on. Anyway, yes this is often a winner, lets face it, I’m not getting to write on something that I attempted that I didn’t like.

Would I make this again? To quote the Kool-Aid Man, Oh Yeah!

Kool-Aid Man Oh Yeah! This was a simple recipe to follow with simple ingredients that provided a really tasty result. It didn’t take much time and there was no complicated technique. Winner, BBQ Pork Chop Dinner!

One Last Thing…

Know how I told you I signed up for the Ross Heart Tri Fit Challenge? I did not mention that once I was in Texas I ran outside for the primary time in about 5 months (brutal winter here within the C-Bus). While running outside I ‘pulled my knee.’ that’s the technical term, that’s what the blokes within the hockey room tell me anyway.

My point is that I had a tough time walking and there was no way I used to be running. Skating wasn’t a drag, it’s a special motion, and that I wore a brace. a few years ago I hurt this same knee (not seriously) right before I used to be to try to to the Warrior Dash. Ended up that I had to tug out of that race eleventh hour. But, alas, I ran today and was ready to pedal the stationary bike with no pain. We choose Tri Fit Challenge training.