Parties from NJ are keeping Staten Island residents awake

Parties from NJ are keeping Staten Island residents awake

New Jersey’s thumping Shore-style party music is so out of control, it’s driving folks crazy in other states. 

Obnoxious bass-heavy beats from warehouse bashes in the Garden State have been traveling across the water and keeping senior citizens in a Staten Island housing complex awake at all hours, residents and officials told The Post Friday. 

“It rouses you out of your sleep. It’s very frustrating,” said a woman who lives at The Tides in Charleston, and asked not to be named. “I just want some peace and quiet.”

Incessant noise from the so-called “boom parties” carries more than half a mile across the Arthur Kill, straight from an industrial section in Perth Amboy — and has worsened in recent weeks, she and other residents said.

“It’s very, very base-heavy… I wouldn’t call it music,” she said.

Others said the headache-inducing tunes are more fit for the hard-partying cast of “The Jersey Shore” than a quiet waterfront community of old folks.

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Perth Amboy police have received complaints about loud parties at least four times in the past month.
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“What you really hear is that bass. That pounding,” Joanne LoPorcaro told News 12 New Jersey. “We can’t take this anymore. “It has to stop. It’s not right.”

Perth Amboy police have been called too loud parties at least four times in the past month,  including to a building labeled TransRush on the 1000 block of High Street, the station reported.

Cops issued tickets for noise and motor vehicle violations on the first three calls but found no one there on the fourth, police said.

A picture of a housing complex in the city of Perth Amboy.
Senior citizen residents in a Staten Island housing complex said heavy bass beats from warehouse bashes in New Jersey are keeping them awake.
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Perth Amboy officials said that, to their knowledge, no one from Staten Island has contacted them about the thumping music.

But an employee of The Tides told The Post “There are quite a few residents who are disturbed by it.”

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