Pastor nearly shot in Uvalde recounts terror in emotional sermon

Pastor nearly shot in Uvalde recounts terror in emotional sermon

A pastor who was nearly shot by Texas school-massacre fiend Salvador Ramos has returned to the pulpit — telling congregants the dead deranged teen killer is now facing God’s justice.

Gilbert Limones was one of two funeral-home workers who was shot at by Ramos, 18, while trying to confront the sicko as he made his way to Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, where he fatally gunned down 19 fourth-graders and two teachers May 24.

Limones is also the pastor at Casa El Shaddai, a small church nearby — a position he returned to this past Sunday after having been overwhelmed working on funerals for many of the 21 dead.

During his sermon, Limones said Ramos had been a “willing vessel” for Satan’s evil in Uvalde — and that God’s justice will ultimately prevail.

“You don’t think that the shooter is having to speak to our Father about what he did?” Limones asked his congregation of about 35 people, who were gathered at an old restaurant converted into a worship space.

Limones tried to reassure his congregation that the 21 people slain nearly two weeks ago were now in a better place.

Holding up a Bible, he said, “Church, you are armed by this.”

Gilbert Limones
Gilbert Limones, a funeral-home worker and pastor who was nearly shot by Uvalde school shooter Salvador Ramos, returned to speak at his church on Sunday.
AP Photo/Jay Reeves

Limones and Cody Briseno, a co-worker at Hillcrest Memorial Funeral Home, came under fire from Ramos after running outside to help when they saw him crash his pickup truck outside their work place, which is opposite the school, before the rampage.

Briseno recently told NBC News that police stopped him from racing inside Robb Elementary to chase the deranged man after they were shot at. 

“I feel guilty man, ’cause I couldn’t stop [him],” Briseno told the outlet.

Salvador Ramos
Limones told congregants at Casa El Shaddai that “God’s justice will ultimately prevail” following the shooting.
ZUMA Press Wire Service

Limones said he has also been wracked with guilt. He said he has spent hours in tears or prayer, sometimes both at the same time.

He recalled hearing the “pop, pop, pop” of Ramos shooting at him, amazed that he was not hit, given that he was only about 150 feet away.

He recalled with horror the sight of Ramos entering a rear door of the school building, where the madman would unleash the second deadliest school shooting in US history.

“I saw it all,” Limones said.

Salvador Ramos spotted outside the school
Limones said he continues to feel guilt about not being able to stop Ramos.
Elsa G Ruiz/Facebook
Children run from Robb Elementary School
Limones’ co-worker Cody Briseno said the police prevented them from chasing Ramos after he entered the school.

He said he immediately called for help, recalling, “I was screaming, screaming at 911.”

Instead, police waited more than an hour before an ad-hoc group of officers reportedly defied orders to stand down to finally storm the classroom and kill Ramos.

The delay has sparked mass outrage, as well as an investigation by the Department of Justice.

Mourners surround memorials for the victims
Limones said in his sermon that Uvalde is “surrounded by love” following the shooting.
James Keivom

In his sermon, Limones recounted the hundreds of people who have come to town with donations of food, water, prayers and more.

Uvalde, he said, “is surrounded by love.”

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