Peterborough, England leads survey for worst place to live

Peterborough, England leads survey for worst place to live

So this is hell.

A Cambridgeshire town is on track to claim the heinous title as the worst place to live in England — for the fourth time in five years.

Peterborough, a commuter town roughly 50 minutes outside of London by train, is currently in first place in the website I Live Here’s annual public survey, which gives people the chance to choose “which provincial dirt hole in England is going to take the title of the worst place to live in the whole country.”

People at a train station in Peterborough
Peterborough was voted the worst place to live in England three years in a row already.
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Peterborough, which was voted the worst town to live in three years in a row, is home to sights such as a Norman cathedral, the Peterborough Sculpture Trail, the marvel-worthy Burghley House from the 16th century, and even a Bronze Age site at the Flag Fen Archaeology Park.

Still, many current and former residents were all-too-happy in last year’s poll to pile on reasons why this town is a grade-A garbage fire, MyLondon reported.

“I lived in Peterborough for 15 years and all I can say is wow. what a f*****g DUMP,” one wrote.

Aerial shot of Peterborough
The commuter town’s cultural sights and attractions include a Norman cathedral and the Peterborough Sculpture Trail.
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Another advised travelers: “In Peterborough, it is customary if a stranger holds eye contact with you for more than three seconds, to shout ‘WHAT’??? and become extremely aggressive.”

The bona fide hellscape lost its unsavory crown to fellow Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire last year, but with its current lead of roughly 11.5% of the votes as of Dec. 31 — more than double current second-place holder Portsmouth, at 5.6% — Peterborough could very well be at top of the bottom once again.

Voting for the contest ends on January 31.

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