Police dog sniffs out alleged pedophile in Mexico

Police dog sniffs out alleged pedophile in Mexico

When it comes to catching pedophiles, this dog is on the nose.

In Mexico City a recent four-legged police academy graduate named Hidu got the goods on a high-profile criminal suspect by sniffing out triphenylphosphine oxide, or TPPO, a chemical coating used in electronic devices.

Hidu used his sense of smell to hunt down alleged evidence of child pornography in the Mexico City apartment of Jason Maatman, a Dutchman who promotes sex with kids.

The Dutchman fled to Mexico City to escape pending legal action in his homeland, according to reports.

Operation Underground Railroad, a nonprofit that helps rescue sex trafficking victims, helped track Maatman down via social media and chat rooms, then helped lure him into a meeting with undercover detectives at a bus station.

City prosecutors used street surveillance cameras to trace the suspect’s movements back to his apartment.

Once inside, Hidu, a black lab, smelled the TPPO, a chemical used in memory devices like flash drives and memory cards to prevent overheating.

Operation Underground Railroad quickly set up a plan to lure Maatman into a trap, using the chat rooms and social media space
Police dog Hidu was able to smell triphenylphosphine oxide from memory devices belonging to the alleged pedophile.
Operation Underground Railroad

Maatman was arrested and is now being held on charges of human trafficking and drug and weapons possession.

This was the pup’s first case, having graduated just two weeks before.

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