Preston Haskell IV faces jail for not paying ex-wife $70K

Preston Haskell IV faces jail for not paying ex-wife $70K

A Texas billionaire’s son has been sentenced to six weeks in jail if he ever steps foot in England — for failing to pay a $70,000 installment to his ex-wife in their bitter $8 million divorce, according to reports.

Preston Haskell IV, the 55-year-old son of construction mogul Preston Haskell III, was ordered last year to pay the equivalent of $8.2 million to his model ex-wife Alesia Vladimirovna, The Times of London said.

He was due to pay a first installment of just under $70,000 last week, but his Belarus-born wife told that he “hasn’t paid me a penny.”

Haskell IV has now been handed a six-week jail sentence in his absence after losing an appeal against the order — and faces immediate imprisonment if he returns to England, the reports said.

It was not immediately clear where the Texan is currently living. He has properties around the world, including a winery and $9 million mansion, both in South Africa, the outlets said.

While married and living in London, Haskell was known to throw extravagant parties for the likes of Elton John and Madonna — once even giving celebrity guests coded gold wristbands as entry passes, the UK Times said.

He was previously thought to be worth around $225 million, and even tried to buy a soccer club, Coventry City Football Club, the reports claimed.

Preston Haskell IV (right) claims to have no money at all despite being worth $225 million, reports say.
Preston Haskell IV and his ex-wife Alesia Vladimirovna.
Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

But after his 13-year marriage ended in 2016 amid allegations of his infidelity, drinking and drug abuse, he argued in his divorce that he was now bust, telling the judge, “I have no money at all,” the Mail said.

He also accused his ex of being a “gold digger,” the outlets said.

Vladimirovna complained to the court that her ex-husband’s failure to pay meant she was at risk of losing her home in London’s ritzy Chelsea neighborhood.

“I have run out of money. I am out of options,” she told — decrying how the jail sentence is unlikely to change her fortunes.

“The judgment doesn’t mean anything because he has never paid anything before or met any ultimatum,” she said.

“He’s not afraid of going to jail because he has no plans to come here and doesn’t own any properties here so he has no reason to come,” she said.

Haskell’s lawyers have appealed the decision, insisting that he has paid his ex money since their divorce, the reports said.

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