Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ displayed beside ‘How to Kill Your Family’ in bookstore

Prince Harry's 'Spare' displayed beside 'How to Kill Your Family' in bookstore

It got the royal treatment.

An independent bookstore poked fun at Prince Harry’s scathing autobiography “Spare,” which details Harry’s longstanding issues with the royals, by placing the memoir beside Bella Mackie’s novel “How to Kill Your Family.”

Bert’s Books in Swindon, England, shared a photo of their store’s front display Monday featuring the two books alongside each other.

“Anyway, we do have some spare copies of Spare if you want one,” the store wrote.

Shop owner Alex Call, 35, said his staff thought the display would be “quite light-hearted and make a few people smile,” according to BBC.

As Harry’s book dominates headlines, workers at the shop told the outlet they did not expect it to be a bestseller for very long.

“The price is £28 which I think is quite steep for a book,” said Michael Ritchie, who works in the shop. “People will go ‘actually I don’t know if I’m going to pay for that or (I’ll) wait for the paperback’.”

Prince Harry's book
“Spare” broke the UK record Thursday for the best-selling non-fiction book in history.
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Ritchie noted that Harry and Meghan have had “a lot of press already” and that readers may pass because they’ve heard enough. He also thought it may be geared more toward American readers than British.

Twitter users applauded the set-up, with many quick to make jokes underneath the shop’s original post.

“Who will sue first HRH or Ms Mackie?” one commentator wrote.

Bert's books window display
Twitter users were quick to comment on the shop’s clever book display.
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“We’ve just put our bestselling books in the window… people are making all sorts of wild assumptions and connections,” the shop replied with an upside-down face emoji.

Mackie, whose novel “How to Kill Your Family” was the shop’s best-selling book of 2022, shared a screenshot of the post to her Instagram account.

“Thank you to the 8000 people who’ve sent me this today. And thank you @bertsbooks, what an honor,” Mackie wrote.

Prince Harry’s controversial autobiography shattered the United Kingdom’s record for the best-selling nonfiction book in history, its publisher said Tuesday.

Bert's books window display
The shop said it place the two books together because they are both best sellers.

Harry has aggressively promoted the release of his book, which discusses his struggles coping with the loss of his mother, Princess Diana, his strained relationship with his father, King Charles, and even details getting into physical altercations with his brother, Prince William.

The book also contains other bombshell revelations and goes into greater depth about how Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle created friction with the royal family.

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