Protesters outside Brian Laundrie’s home cited for using loudspeaker

Protesters outside Brian Laundrie's home cited for using loudspeaker

Protesters outside Brian Laundrie’s parents’ home were handed citations Saturday for being too loud.

The small group used a speaker to cajole the parents of Gabby Petito’s fugitive boyfriend.

“Come out here and answer America’s questions!” one of the half-dozen demonstrators camped out across the street from the Laundries’ North Port, Florida, home said through the speaker, according to a video posted by Fox News reporter Michael Ruiz.

Police handing out ordinances/ explaining that they can’t use a speaker but have a right to protest.
Police handed out ordinances and explained that they can’t use a speaker but have a right to protest.

“The crowd is going to grow from here, Laundrie family, we’re not going to quit!” the man continues in one of two videos posted by Fox News reporter Audrey Conklin. “We want answers! Come out and give America answers!”

An undated Instagram photo of Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito’s boyfriend.
The group used a speaker to cajole Brian Laundrie’s parents.

A short time later, two uniformed police officers spoke to the group. “You have to have a permit from the city in order to use a loudspeaker/PA system out here, especially when it pertains to a residential area,” one of the cops was recorded telling the group. He explained the citations escalate if they persist. “The first fine is $50, next one’s $150 and then it goes on to $500 for any third or subsequent offense.”

Some of the protesters asked if they could get additional citations on the same day and the cop said, “Yes. If you come back, it’s going to be another citation.”

It was not clear if the Laundries made the call to the police or if neighbors did.

Ruiz posted that neighbors are fed up with the protesters, some of whom have maintained a presence at the house for weeks.

“We hate them as much as we hate the Laundries now,” one homeowner said. Another says he’s undergoing chemotherapy and the ruckus is disrupting his wife’s work from home.

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