Pub responds to scorned lover’s newspaper ad ripping cheating ex

Pub responds to scorned lover's newspaper ad ripping cheating ex

The mystery surrounding a fiery message in a local newspaper which captured Australia’s attention has deepened after a pub came forward to apologize to the scorned woman.

The “filthy” cheating actions of a man named Steve was printed for everyone to see, with readers of Mackay and Whitsunday Life in Queensland’s east getting a shock in their Friday edition of the paper.

A full-page advertisement, costing between $1,000 and $1,500, was printed on page four from a scorned lover named Jenny.

“Dear Steve, I hope you’re happy with her,” the open letter read.

“Now the whole town will know what a filthy cheater you are. From Jenny.

“P.S. I bought this ad using your credit card.”

The note has since gone viral, with an Adelaide pub posting a hilarious response to Jenny on its roadside sign.

“Dear Jenny, I’m sorry,” the pub’s sign reads.

The pub's sign has garnered much attention for the local business.
An Adelaide pub posted a hilarious response to Jenny on its roadside sign.

“From all the Steves.”

Mackay and Whitsunday Life have been inundated with “dozens” of messages since the full page note went to print on page four.

“We do not know who Steve is, but apparently he’s been very, very bad,” a newspaper representative said.

“We won’t be revealing any details about Jenny.”

But, the last part of Jenny’s revenge seems to have been unsuccessful.

The newspaper ad purchased by Jenny in Australia's Mackay and Whitsunday Life.
A scorned girlfriend bought an ad to trash her cheating ex boyfriend in a local newspaper.

“We have not charged the credit card in question,” the Mackay and Whitsunday Life representative said.

The newspaper’s sales manager Mike McCann told the Today Show on Saturday it held off charging the credit card provided as it could technically have been card fraud.

However, he was urging Steve to come forward and “cover” the bill.

Mr McCann said staff at the paper thought the ad was “just crazy” and the response since had been phenomenal.

Jenny’s actions were met with praise from a legion of new-found fans.

“Jenny sounds like someone I want to be friends with,” one person said.

“Not all heroine‘s wear capes. Jenny is my new favourite person,” said another.

“Couldn’t love this more if I tried LOL… Good on you Jenny,” proclaimed another amused commenter.

Members of the public were not as kind to Steve.

“Never trust a Steve,” one said, while another said they “would have charged the card”.

“Everyone who knows a Steve and Jenny have suddenly sat up and taken notice,” another person joked.

But, not everyone was convinced.

Some claimed Jenny and Steve did not exist at all and the ad was a clever marketing tactic.

“This has PR stunt written all over it,” one user wrote.

“Good way of getting more likes and readers to your page,” another said.

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