Some things just don’t work well together and just are not meant to be. For Facebook this was email. Facebook since 2010 was dreaming of a world where they also dominated our email, but that was simply never to be and very few people trusted Facebook with their email.

So after 4 years of trying Facebook has finally decided to terminate their email  system that gave all users a mailing account, although no one seemed to care or use it. I bet that many of you reading this did not even know that you had a email address.

As recently reported by the Verge, those that actually have been using the service will soon receive an email telling them that any mail sent to their account will be forwarded to the primary email address listed on their account.

Launched back in November 2010, the service was another effort by the social networking company to streamline all communications under a single umbrella.

Although the idea of using Facebook for email might have sounded like a good idea it never resonated with users. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the news in a statement to the Verge, “Most people have not been using their email address.”

Goodbye Facebook email – you only lasted 4 years and I wonder how many users there actually was in all that time.

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