Russian tourist to be deported over naked selfie in Bali

Russian tourist to be deported over naked selfie in Bali

A Russian traveler faces deportation from Indonesia after posing for a viral bottom-baring selfie on the sacred Mount Agung in Bali.

The image of the traveler, identified only as Yuri, with his pants down and his exposed posterior facing the camera has been making the rounds online since last week.

The uninhibited visitor later apologized for the stunt in a bid to quash the matter, but local authorities insisted that he leave Indonesia and be barred from reentering the country for at least six months, BBC News reported.

Mount Agung is an active volcano and the highest point on Bali. It is revered by Hindus as the home of their gods.

Besides mooning the sacred peak, Yuri also reportedly climbed Mount Agung along with six other tourists without permission.

Russian tourist Yuri posing with his pants down on Mount Agung in Bali
This photo of a Russian tourist named Yuri mooning Bali’s sacred Mount Agung has led Indonesian officials to order his deportation.
Instagram / @chila_brazila

“He violated norms and showed no respect for our culture,” Bali Law and Human Rights Office head Anggiat Napitupulu told The Jakarta Post.

After sharing his X-rated photo on Instagram, Yuri came under fire from commenters calling for his deportation.

In response to the firestorm, Yuri got together with Balinese community leaders for a “restorative justice” meeting and took part in a cleansing ceremony for the hallowed volcano.

In his videotaped mia culpa, the cowed tourist admitted to desecrating the mountain.

Yuri's apology video
Yuri later released a video on Instagram apologizing for his actions, which he said were born out of ignorance.
Instagram / @chila_brazila

“There is no excuse for my actions,” Yuri conceded. “The only thing that led to what happened was my personal ignorance. Ignorance of the particulars of the local religion and culture.”

Yuri said that after delving into the local customs, he learned that Mount Agung is a symbol of the deity Shiva, which, if angered, could destroy the island with a volcanic eruption.

The contrite visitor added that he is ready to pay for offerings to the gods and is eager to “fix the situation.”  

Mount Agung
Mount Agung is Bali’s highest peak that is believed by the local to be the home of Hindu gods.
World Surf League via Getty Images

The news outlet The Bali Sun reported that the Russian national will be permitted to stay in Indonesia for a short time to “play an active role in promoting good behavior by becoming a model tourist.”

The Balinese authorities have been actively cracking down on disrespectful behavior by foreign visitors by threatening them with deportation and jail.

A photo of Yuri from Instagram
Yuri also reportedly climbed the sacred volcano along with six other tourists without permission.
Instagram / @chila_brazila

Last year, Canadian actor Jeffrey Craigne was booted from Indonesia for posting a video of himself cavorting naked on Mount Batur — another sacred site on the island of Bali.

In 2021, a 22-year-old Russian porn star caused an uproar after filming herself having sex with her partner on the same sacrosanct peak.

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