Seattle police gun down man who fatally stabbed police dog

Seattle police gun down man who fatally stabbed police dog

Chilling video captured a Seattle cop gunning down a machete-wielding burglary suspect — wearing only a towel — after he fatally stabbed a police dog and injured another officer in the face.

The incident began when police received a 911 call at 2:12 p.m. Jan. 5 from a resident on South Eddy Street reporting a burglary in progress and that the suspect was armed with a knife, officials said.

“He’s got a machete,” the caller tells the operator as yelling is heard in the background.

The police video then shows a patrol car pulling up to a nearby location where the sergeant says on the radio: “We got something going on here at 23 and Eddy. Might be the guy. Hispanic male … some kind of a towel on him. Someone’s chasing him with a baseball bat.”

The sergeant then chases after the suspect as he follows another officer running with K-9 Jedi.

The video then switches to the K-9 officer’s body cam.

“Stop!” the officer yells at the fleeing man. “He’s got a machete! He’s got a machete! He’s got a f— machete!”

Seattle PD burglary suspect
The officer chases after the man in the towel until he realizes that the man has a machete.
Seattle Police Department

The sergeant’s body cam then shows the crazed man continuing to run as he shouts incoherently while brandishes the long blade and a knife.

“Drop it!” the officer yells, pointing his handgun at him on Swift Avenue South. “Stop! Get on the ground!”

The K-9 officer then unleashes the dog at the man, who proceeds to repeatedly stab the animal, the horrific video shows.

Man with machete as dog attacks.
The officer unleashes K-9 Jedi at the man.
Seattle Police Department
Dog attacks suspect.
The suspect attacked Jedi before turning on an officer.
Seattle Police Department

He also stabs the officer in the face before being shot dead by Officer Tim Jones, a 15-year veteran of the force.

Jones has been placed on paid administrative leave per department policy, police said.

The Force Investigation Team and the Office of Police Accountability are investigating the tragic incident.

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