Secure Your Passwords Safely


One of the things we all seem to struggle with in today’s technological and connected world is storing and remembering all of THOSE passwords. Most websites require passwords and it seems all of the various websites and agencies we need to access require different types of passwords. Some are as simple as 6 characters while some require a mix of uppercase, lowercase and special characters. What are we to do with all of these password requirements being demanded of us? One word sadly. COMPLY. If you don’t comply – you don’t have access. This being said there are solutions out there to help you remember, or at least have access to your countless passwords.

My favorite solution is the website Passpack is a highly secure website that once you create an account you can store all of your passwords which are connected to each website with direct links from within your Passpack account. There are three levels of security you must pass through in order to access your account! So you can be secure that your passwords are… secure. If you store under 100 passwords the account is free which is really a great deal.

Once you set this up with all of your accounts and passwords you really only need to remember the password for Passpack. In addition there is a nice client you can download and install locally on your computer. There are even Android and IPhone apps available as well!

Stop stressing over passwords and check out today.