Sen. Joe Manchin calls Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ a ‘dead’ issue

Sen. Joe Manchin calls Biden's 'Build Back Better' a 'dead' issue

Read his lips.

Sen. Joe Manchin bluntly assessed President Biden’s sweeping, $2 trillion social spending bill on Tuesday, calling the stalled measure “dead” despite top Democrats recently voicing hope they could revive a scaled-back version. 

“What Build Back Better bill?” Manchin responded to reporters.

“It’s dead.”

The massive spending and energy bill hit a wall in December after the West Virginia Democrat voiced opposition to multiple provisions it contained, stating that he could not vote in favor of the legislation in its current form. 

While the reconciliation measure only requires a simple majority to pass, Democratic leadership needs to hold its entire caucus together due to the even split in the upper chamber. 

President Joe Biden
President Biden’s spending and energy bill hit a wall in December.
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When asked if he has engaged in any talks on the matter, he told reporters: “No, no, no no. It’s dead.”

Manchin previously voiced concerns about the bill’s impact on inflation and its language on the enhanced child tax credit.

The centrist Democrat previously indicated that he is open to reigniting talks on the bill, but has asserted his previous offer is off the table. 

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