Sky News correspondent shot while covering Ukraine invasion

Sky News correspondent shot while covering Ukraine invasion

A Sky News journalist was wounded in a terrifying gunfire ambush while covering Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, he said in a report Friday.

Chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay and his team came under fire by Russian attackers near a Kyiv checkpoint as they tried to leave the city Monday.

“Our world turned upside down,” Ramsay wrote in a first-person account of the attack. “I do recall wondering if my death was going to be painful.”

He said he first heard a small explosion and felt a tire on the vehicle he was riding in pop, causing it to roll to a stop on a desolate street.

Suddenly, bullets began pelting the windshield of the vehicle, forcing the team of five to duck for cover.

“We were under full attack,” Ramsay wrote. “Bullets cascaded through the whole of the car, tracers, bullet flashes, windscreen glass, plastic seats, the steering wheel and dashboard had disintegrated.

“It was professional, the rounds kept smashing into the car — they didn’t miss,” he added.

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Ramsay had been heading toward the town of Bucha, roughly 30 miles from Kyiv —where a Russian convoy had previously been destroyed by the Ukrainian army — when a saboteur Russian reconnaissance squad opened fire, he said.

A man walks past destroyed military vehicles on a street, as Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues, in the town of Bucha in the Kyiv region, Ukraine March 1, 2022.
A Sky News team was shot at by Russian soldiers on their way to Bucha, Ukraine.
REUTERS/Serhii Nuzhnenko

Ramsay and the others shouted that they were journalists, but “the rounds kept coming,” he wrote.

As he prepared to run toward a 40-foot embankment, he was struck in the lower back by a bullet.

“I’ve been hit!” he shouted, then fell face-first into the embankment.

A Sky News logo
Sky News’ Stuart Ramsay was shot in the back while his team’s vehicle was hurled with bullets.
Mateusz Slodkowski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Camera operator Richie Mockler also took two non-fatal rounds to his body armor, he said.

“At the bottom [of the embankment], we regrouped. The five of us were alive. We couldn’t believe it,” he wrote.

Using a concrete wall as cover, the journalists sprinted into a nearby factory unit and then waited for rescue.

A map shows where Russian forces have attacked cities and towns in Ukraine.
Russian forces have launched continuous airstrikes on towns surrounding the capital city of Kyiv.
NY Post Illustration

A day later, they made it back to the center of Kyiv, said Ramsay, who did not elaborate on his injury. 

“We were very lucky. But thousands of Ukrainians are dying, and families are being targeted by Russian hit squads just as we were, driving along in a family saloon and attacked,” he wrote. “This war gets worse by the day.”

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