Slain Chicago cop Ella French ‘wanted to make a difference,’ brother says

Slain Chicago cop Ella French 'wanted to make a difference,' brother says

The brother of slain Chicago cop Ella French says his sister joined the force because “she wanted to do good for the world,” according to a report.

“You know I never questioned it. Same as she never questioned me joining the Army,” Andrew French told the Chicago Sun-Times on Facebook.

“… My sister is a bada—. She always wanted to make a difference … however it was possible,” the grieving brother added in his message to the paper Sunday night. “I was never surprised when she said she was going to be a sheriff and then a cop. It just made sense.”

Ella French, 29, was fatally shot and her partner critically injured after they pulled a car over on the city’s South Side on Saturday.

Ella French
Ella French, 29, was killed after pulling a car over on the South Side on Saturday.
Chicago PD

Emonte Morgan, 21, and his brother Eric Morgan, 22, both convicted felons, have been charged in the brazen attack.

Andrew said his and Ella’s adoptive mother gave them everything she could as she raised them — instilling in them the values of kindness and helping others in need.

“She raised us to be of service. To care. To have integrity,” wrote Andrew, who noted
that his sister was not married and had no children.

Emonte Monty Morgan and Eric Morgan
Emonte Morgan (left) and Eric Morgan have been charged in French’s death.
Chicago PD

French had recently bought a new home in the Parkview neighborhood on the Southwest Side, the Sun-Times reported, citing city records.

The dead cop’s neighbor said he was shocked to learn the fallen officer was the same “decent person” who lived next door.

“That … breaks my heart right there,” the 62-year-old resident, who identified himself only as Johnny, told the paper. “She literally just moved in.”

Andrew French
Andrew French said his sister “wanted to do good for the world.”
Ella French
Ella French was fatally shot on Saturday night.

The last Chicago cops who died in the line of duty were Conrad Gary and Eduardo Marmolejo, who were struck by a train in December 2018 while chasing a man with a gun, the paper reported.

Just a month earlier, Officer Samuel Jimenez was gunned down while responding to a shooting at a hospital. Three other people, including the gunman, also died.


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