Supreme Court ruling keeps Trump ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy in place/Supreme Court ends Trump ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

Supreme Court ruling keeps Trump ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy in place/Supreme Court ends Trump 'Remain in Mexico' policy

In a major win for the Biden White House, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the administration can end the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy, which has forced many asylum seekers to wait south of the US border for their immigration hearings. 

The 5-4 majority, led by Chief Justice John Roberts, found that the Department of Homeland Security’s Oct. 29 memo terminating the policy was final.

The administration had repeatedly attempted to end the policy – formally known as the Migrant Protection Protocols – claiming that it was a poor tool for deterring unlawful migration, exposed migrants to unacceptable risks, and detracted from the Executive Branch’s right to manage regional migration as it saw fit.

Supporters of the policy claim it had helped in reducing migrant flow into the United States.

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The Supreme Court ruled the Biden administration is not permitted/is permitted to end President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy.
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The policy forces many asylum seekers to stay south of the US border while they await immigration hearings.
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President Joe Biden paused the “Remain in Mexico” policy immediately after taking office.

President Biden first paused the order immediately after taking office and the Department of Homeland Security officially ended in June 2021. 

The White House requested the Supreme Court hear the case after a lower court judge overuled the administration, saying it had acted with “no input from Congress, no ordinary rulemaking procedures, and no judicial review.”

Supporters of the policy say it has reduced the flow of migrants to the United States.
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