Surface Sales Surging This Season?

Here is some good holiday cheer for Microsoft. I have been a proud user of first the Microsoft Surface then the Surface Pro 2 tablet. This mobile device is much more then a tablet and performs in many ways like a really good laptop. I have been able to travel several times exclusively with this device which is really saying something because I often need to provide remote support, work on webpage design in addition to all of the other work related tasks many of us do when away from the office. The Surface can also compete in many ways with the iPad as well in respect to consumer tasks, although it is in this area where Microsoft is still working to catch up.

Now it appears that Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 tablets are selling very well. Many retailers are sold out with just over a week to go until Christmas. It’s unclear whether Microsoft built smaller quantities of tablets and might be manufacturing the sellouts, or whether the company is actually enjoying a hot streak with Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 sales. I tend to believe it is selling well, simply because I believe it is a very good solution for those who want a good mobile solution that performs well for both work and home.

Either model is listed as “sold out” on Microsoft’s online store, no matter which configuration buyers try to purchase. The same goes for Walmart’s online store and Best Buy’s retail stores – interestingly though, Best Buy’s website shows the devices as available. According to a Best Buy salesperson in New York City, the new Surface tablet is “extremely popular” with shoppers, although no actual sales numbers were provided by the stores. Amazon, on the other hand, still has Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 units for sale, although “stock is limited”.

Interestingly, Microsoft is not willing to reveal sales numbers for its new Surface tablets. “With regards to specific inventory levels or sales numbers we don’t comment on those specific figures,”

Microsoft Surface senior manager Ben Reed recently stated, “I would say that it’s our goal to get these two tablets into as many people’s hands as possible, and we’re actively working with manufacturing teams and retail partners to replenish stock where it’s been sold out as soon as possible.”

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