What’s the difference between a gaming headset and regular headphones for music?

There is always a triggering question rise in my mind i.e. what’s the difference between a gaming headset and a music headphone, whenever my friend Leo asked me to borrow a gaming headset, instead of gaming headset I hand him my music headphones; and he makes a foul mouth and give it back to me without using it.

But he never told me what the problem with my headphones. Now when my life is half spent on gaming (sorry for my bad sarcasm), I come to know the major differences in both the headsets and how they are important in regards of gaming and music, respectively.

There is a fine line which separates the regular headphones and gaming headsets from each other. When you are about to step in more professional gaming and want to know which would be the best gaming headset under 100 for you, make sure you understand the difference between both and how they work.

Gaming headsets VS Regular headphones


Apart from every other thing, the most important and significant factor is having the microphone that comes along the gaming headset. Here is also a critical part, that is the regular headphones do not have this mic feature though they have to use a separate portable mic for their regular use.

Microphones where there it is attached to the gaming headsets, they give luxury to detach them as well, when not in function or use. However, there is plenty of time when the gamer needs a microphone to communicate to the gaming pals around the world connected to you and playing the tournament together.

Then there is a time where you want your headphones ready for a chat. Whereas, in chatting a microphone is compulsory without which you can’t even to take the call. The gaming headset is privileged with this again, whereas regular headphones are not, though you have to hold a mic close to your mouth separately.

However, coming towards who actually uses the headsets? Officers, comrades, agents, informers, pilots and of course the gamers and all those people who need to communicate instantly on the spot of the event.

Audio Profiles

In the gaming headset, there are two audios that are very much different from one another in the matter of listening and customizing sound vocals; they are actual surround sound and virtual surround sound.

What is the term “surround sound”?

The surround sound is the name of the capability of the software situated either in the computer or the speakers placed in each earpiece. Through which, you are able to hear the surrounding sound in every detail, for instance, the steps of the enemy could be heard easily in both the headphone, the voice of the surroundings and each of the things you can’t see in the game including the loading of the guns near you.

Actual or real surround sound

These are the drivers equipped in your headphones, these are in some headset are 7.1 or below this, albeit, it is the finest sound quality drivers you will find in most of the headsets in the market. These keep you aware of the surroundings in obvious.

Virtual surround sound

This is the software situated right on your screen of the computer or you can say they are the apps of the headphones you are putting. Through these, you can personalize the sound effect just by making a few changes according to your listening preference.

Whereas, coming back to the audio profile in the regular headphones, there is no such thing like surround sound. Though there are bass and stereo, people mostly prefer while listening to their favorite songs.

Thus, the quality of the sound in the regular headphones directly depends on the quality of the hardware or the speakers installed in the headphones.

Comfortable structure

As a matter of fact, a gaming headset is worn for much more time than regular headphones. You can put your regular headphones down after the song ends or when the chat stops, but you will not put them down your gaming headset until the game ends.

In short, the gaming headsets are far more comfortable than a regular headphone due to the long gaming sessions. They are designed just the way you want them to be fixed over the ears without hurting you as long as the game continues.

Hope you guys got the juice of this informative write up in a good way and my effort doesn’t go fruitless. More are in the pipeline, wait for them, till then good luck.