8 Top Graphic And Web Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

graphic and web design trends

Feeling the need to hire a WordPress developer for building a new website? Then do some homework by learning about the top graphic and web design trends for 2019. This will be helpful in the creation of a potentially popular interface. Visual appeal plays a strong role in catching people’s attention and encouraging them to spend time on a platform. Whether its a website, an app or even a display advert, visitors notice the visual arrangement before the text. Knowing about what’s in these days will help you in incorporating the right elements in your design. Let’s take a look at the ideas which will influence web and graphic designs this year.

Graphic Design Trends For 2019

We will first discuss the graphic design trends for 2019.

1. Inclusion Of 3D Elements

Graphic designers will discard flat layouts in favor of three-dimensional elements in the coming months. The main reason behind this shift is their intention of giving a real-life look to a project. 3-D techniques will be applied to images like product photographs and brand logos. The trend will also be visible in typography as professionals will use fonts that give the impression of text popping out of pages or screens.

2. Bold Shades Will Be Combined With Minimalism

Minimalism has enjoyed a lot of popularity in recent times. Many businesses like the almost bare look which emphasizes their brand. Uncluttered images also make for easy viewing on the small screens of smart devices. A twist to this favored technique will be seen in the form of the addition of bold colors. Simple and neat images will be infused with shades like hot pink and electric blue to create stunning visuals. Pictures will be enhanced by applying the duotones effect and artists will use tools to add depth to backgrounds.

3. Virtual And Mixed Reality For Powerful Storytelling

A major objective of design is to engage audiences. Artists use imagery for storytelling to boost people’s involvement. Virtual and mixed reality techniques allow them to create powerful narratives. Using elements which look and move like real objects help in catching the attention of viewers. Expect such visual presentations in not just games and commercials but also on websites. The key is to get the user feel as if she is a part of the action. This can be a really handy trick for capturing the attention of smart device using audience.

4. Open Compositions For Creating Interest

Frames will start vanishing from layouts this year as a transition is made towards open compositions. Professionals will try to provoke users by creating illustrations or photographs that have no defined boundaries. Such projects create an effect where the viewer feels as if she is seeing only a small section of a larger picture. Combining this approach with 3-d techniques can create spectacular visual experiences which will generate huge interest.

Web Design Trends For 2019

In this section of graphic and web design trends for 2019, we will see how web design will be affected this year.

1. Abundant Whitespace In Layouts

Just as in graphic design, the web design industry is also favoring minimalism. This year will continue to witness abundant whitespace in web pages. Leaving ample blank area not only helps in emphasizing branding tools like logos, but it also helps in navigation. With minimum distraction, visitors attention is immediately drawn towards all the important areas of the page. Uncluttered pages with simple images and precise text will be increasingly visible across the internet.

2. Video Content Will Be Integrated In Layouts

People are consuming a large amount of video content across platforms. It has become an important tool for promotion and engagement. Prepare to see moving visuals in the web pages you visit in the coming days. Owners will put clips in the background on homepages to catch the eye of visitors. This will also help in keeping users engaged with the interface.  

3. Actual Images For Building Trust

People want their designs to communicate trust to their users. Making beautiful pages is not enough, the audience must believe the message conveyed by the website. A good way to generate dependability is by using actual photographs instead of generic images. Many brands are using their customers’ pictures in their frames. This strategy will be followed by a lot of owners across industries.

4. Experimental Navigation Elements To Create A Distinct Look

It is becoming increasingly difficult to create a unique and distinct look. In order to appear different, professionals are experimenting with navigation elements on websites. Instead of the header and footer, they are positioning large links in the four corners of a screen. In this way, they get to kill two birds with one stone. First, they achieve their objective of distinct imagery and second, they provide convenient navigation on the interface.


These are some of the graphic and web design trends which are expected to be visible this year. Before incorporating them, you must make a comprehensive evaluation of your project to find out whether they suit its character or not.