The Positive Aspects of Node.js Web App Development

There are no second thoughts for the use of JavaScript as one of the most popular languages among the client-side programming languages. It has gained its value because it is used in a variety of popular platforms like PhoneGap, React Native, Appcelerator, NativeScript and so on. Currently, JavaScript has expanded a lot and is also being used for server-side programming. Node.js has played a vital role in the major shifting towards web development. Defining Node.js, it is an open-source JavaScript run-time environment that helps in the execution of JavaScript code outside the browser. It is a cross-platform JavaScript environment that helps in the development of real-time web applications. Corporate users of Node.js involves GoDaddy, Netflix, LinkedIn, Microsoft, PayPal, Walmart, Yahoo! and so on.  

The major benefits that are offered by the JavaScript environment Node.js when used as server-side programming are:

Node.js offers an Easy Scalability

Node.js provides one of the key advantages where the developer finds it easy and feasible to scale the applications in horizontal as well as vertical directions. To scale it horizontally, additional nodes to the existing system are added. For scaling it vertically, Node.js offers an option of adding extra resources and therefore, the platform is highly scalable and provides better options compared to other JavaScript servers.

Easy to Learn

Most front-end developers have a good grasp on JavaScript as it is one of the most popular programming languages and therefore it becomes quite easier for them to start using the Node.js platform at the backend. For the developers, it is easier to learn Node.js and also work on it because it consumes less time and efforts.

Node.js Used as a Single Programming Language

As Node.js is a server of JavaScript, it offers a right of writing the web applications in the JavaScript and therefore, the developers can write both the backend as well as the frontend web applications in JavaScript using a runtime environment. The deployment of web applications also becomes simpler by Node.js because almost all the browsers support JavaScript platform.

The Benefit of Full-Stack JS

As Node.js serves both the clients as well as the server-side applications, it is regarded as a full-stack JavaScript. The advantage here is the company need not have to hire separate developers for backend or frontend development. hire nodejs developer only will help the company to save both time and money.

The Support of Large and Active Community

Node.js has a large and active community of developers and is fortunate enough that the developers continuously keep on contributing their skills and talents towards the development and improvement of Node.js. In fact, the JavaScript programmers support the group of developers of Node.js and provide easy and ready-made solutions to them.

The Advantage of Caching

Caching means store or hide for future use. The Node.js open-source environment provides the facility of caching single modules. The request of a single module anytime during the development process gets cached initially in the application memory. It becomes easier for developers because they do not have to re-execute the codes as caching allows applications to load web pages at a faster pace and respond more swiftly to the user actions.

Support from Commonly Used Tools

The developers of Node.js get extended support from the commonly used tools in the process of developing. For example, at the time of source code testing, the tool called Jasmin and other such unit testing tools can be used. When the developers want to identify and install the project dependencies, they can use NPM which is a powerful package manager. Such common tools make the work of Node.js developers easier.

Node.js is Highly Extensible

Node.js being highly extensible means that it can be customized and can be extended further a per the requirements. JSON can also be used to provide the scope for exchange of data between the clients and the web servers.

Summing Up

The above points are not exhaustive about the advantages of Node.js but the article talks about the benefits only. This does not mean that it does not have any cons. Its Application Programming Interface (API) is not stable, it does not have a strong library support system nor is it an Asynchronous Programming model but Node.js is more advantageous than its number of disadvantages. It is more beneficial because of the fact that it has extended the area of JavaScript application and it is evident that it can be used for both the frontend servers as well as backend servers. With the passing time, more and more businesses have started using Node.js and are apparent that they are getting positive results.