How much does it cost to develop an IOS application for a restaurant menu ordering system?

In this present era, most of the restaurant and hospitality industry are being processed in a smoother manner. It has gained better fame and numbers of eateries are multiplied in faster succession. Not all the restaurants are afforded to enhance a website as it does not fit with a budget estimate. Online business is a trendier one nowadays and one cannot keep it apart in case needed for competition and also succeed in it.

A well defined App Development Team

Project Manager

Each and every app development project is completed successfully under the leadership of project manager who is selected depending on overall size of the project.

UI/UX Designers

For a food delivery app project, user experience and user interface designers are needed.

Android and iOS App Developers

Once a development platform is chosen, hire for both Android and iOS App developers. Lists of iphone app development companies consider several important factors for a better processing.

Web Developers

Typically, web developers play an important role in the overall development process; either it can be frontend or backend.

Quality Analysts

Once the development is completed for Application Programming Interface, the initial job of a Quality Analysts begins.  The app should be tested in order to check several factors such as scalability, functionality including performance.

Pre-Development Stage

If you have any idea to develop a food delivery app, it is important to gain a deeper knowledge with the pre-development stage before moving on to a major step. Basically, it takes about ninety hours for an entire process. It is described in detail; just have a view for more information. It takes about forty hours to build a project. About fourteen hours indulged in the preparation of the database model. About fifteen hours to incorporate library and services. The last remaining twenty hours for the further implementation of the Application Programming Interface.

Login Page

A consumer searching for a particular restaurant typically enters his personal details. The customer can also use social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Next option is getting logged in through email. Alternative options are the name and mobile number. Here, the user receives an OTP for the registration procedure.

Home Page

Details of Restaurant

The first major thing is to provide a list of details about the restaurant linked with the app. It includes name, address, landmark, accommodation capacity, types of cuisine served, opening & closing times, any home delivery service is available or not, desirable menu along with food categories, pictures of dishes and so on. All this information helps the user to find the right restaurant of his choice.

Ratings and Reviews

Usually, the customers select a restaurant based on ratings & reviews. If it is good, the percentage of food lovers also increases automatically.

User’s Profile

In this era, maintaining a user has become an important one because one needs to collect data of a customer to gain an overview of personal likes and dislikes. This automatically makes the job easier and one can also send personal notifications regarding discount and offer.

Geo-location services integrated with map facility

To build a food delivery app, add Geo-location services along with Google API for the further implementation process. Just type relevant keyword and location, list of eateries will appear.

Category of Cuisine/Restaurant

Each and everything should be given in detail whether the eatery is a bar, restaurant, bar or cafeteria or it is a fast food restaurant. Additionally, one needs to inform whether the restaurant is providing breakfast, lunch or dinner. It also times of the initiated service.

Menu- Price Details

Typically, there are two options available where one of them going through category and the other one typing directly in the search bar. The exclusive menu should also include the price tag for cuisines, ratings, and reviews of the pre-existing customers. In case if there is any specific dish that is going great, mention it separately for customers.

Table Booking

Typically, food apps give the option for table booking in advance of their favorite restaurant. This option gives a great place for folks to sit with their family & friends, enjoy a better meal with family and friends.

Integrating payment Gateway

Most of the food apps help to explore the right restaurant pays a bill after having a meal. Other options are debit card; credit card, net banking, and PayPal.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications is one of the best options where one can keep in touch with the targeted audience. Messaging is possible in order to keep informed about attractive offers.

Managing Online orders

A powerful database is needed to manage online orders without any errors. A customer places his order and also gives a complete address. Then food is packed, sent and received by the customer.

Social Media Interaction 

Social media interaction is one of the best options to connect with customers. This means sharing of restaurant’s details, pictures, and videos. This is possible on Facebook, and Twitter, etc.

Admin page

When coming to the subject of the admin panel, it takes about sixty hours in order to build a web page. This is said to be the backbone of the app since there is a huge control of user data. The admin has all the rights to add or remove user including the features.

With the aid of user analytics, tracking of the active user takes place and it automatically turns for the visualization of prevailing challenges. One can keep control overflow of cash, provides great support to end user too. The real fact is that it is a little bit difficult to estimate the cost of the app and it includes a number of a process starting from initial stage to development of admin panel, features including app testing; it also depends on app Development Company.