Teen fatally shot outside Georgia barbershop he co-owned

Teen fatally shot outside Georgia barbershop he co-owned

A Georgia teen was fatally shot outside of a barber shop he owned with his mother, grieving relatives said.

Anthony McClain, 17, was killed Saturday outside of Da Barbas’ Lab in College Park when he stepped outside to check out an argument during which someone started shooting, his mother told WSB-TV.

“I’m almost 99 percent sure that he went outside to give me a call to tell me something was going on,” Norma Huff said.

Huff said her son was an innocent bystander who was killed while trying to protect his business, which they co-owned together.

“It hasn’t hit me yet,” Huff said. “My child had a short life. He didn’t have a long life, but he had a full, good life.”

Huff left the barber shop just minutes prior to the shooting and got a call from another employee saying something “tragic” had happened and that she needed to come back right away. The worried mom then got a second call minutes later, she said.

Anthony McClain in his barbershop.
17-year-old Anthony McClain co-owned the barbershop with his mother.
Da Barbas' Lab barbershop.
Anthony McClain’s mother Norma Huff left the barber shop minutes prior to the shooting and got a call from another employee saying something “tragic” had happened.
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“I said, ‘Please tell me, is it my child?’” Huff recalled. “And he said, ‘Yes, it is.’”

Stray bullets also struck the front window of a grocery store next door. Cops told WSB-TV someone opened fire during an argument, but no arrests had been announced in the ongoing investigation.

A police spokeswoman told The Post she had no additional information to provide early Monday, citing the “sensitivity” of the ongoing probe.

Anthony McClain.
“I don’t know where to go from here,” Anthony McClain’s mother said.

Mourners left a memorial of flowers, candles and stuffed animals outside the barber shop Sunday, WXIA reported.

“He was great at everything he did at the barbershop,” Huff told he station. “He helped me do the wiring. He helped me do the plumbing.”

Anthony’s cousin told WCGL an altercation in the parking lot broke out just prior to the deadly shooting.

“He went and worked out this morning at the gym and came to work, and now, he’s longer with us due to gun violence,” Lashawn Hood told the station. “He was a very helpful child, loved his parents, loved his brothers and just very motivated and just a good kid.”

Anthony’s godfather said he was “shocked” and enraged that gun violence cut down the young entrepreneur’s life.

“I’m not sure how you do it, but something has to be done,” Hakeem Walker told WSB-TV. “It’s so sad that people and even the younger people are dying at the hands of gun violence.”

Huff, meanwhile, said she’s trying to cope with the unbearable pain of losing a child.

“I don’t know where to go from here,” Huff said. “Just one day at a time.”

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