Tennessee city looks for new top cop in wake of Maegan Hall sex scandal

Tennessee city looks for new top cop in wake of Maegan Hall sex scandal

The Tennessee police department rattled by the raunchy Maegan Hall sex scandal is looking far and wide for its next top cop.

The city of La Vergne launched a nationwide search for its new police chief after disgraced ex-chief Burrell “Chip” Davis was dumped over the bawdy sexcapades that took place on his watch, officials said in a press release.

An internal investigation in the Nashville suburb found that Hall, a married 26-year-old police officer, had sexual encounters with six other cops, including an ongoing affair with a sergeant and a threesome with another cop and his wife.

Davis not only knew about the trysts but joked about it and shared explicit images of Hall on a secret burner phone he named “Ole Boy,” the investigation revealed.

City leaders have now tapped former chief Daniel Hahn to help find a replacement.

Former La Vergne Police Chief Burrel "Chip" Davis.
La Vergne, Tennessee Police Chief Burrel “Chip” Davis was fired after city leaders determined he was aware of the sexcapades in his department — and joked about it.
La Vergne Police Department

“Since our police chief position has been open I’ve tasked our HR department with finding a recruiting company to assist us with this nationwide search,” La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole said in the release.

“This first step in the process will ensure we have a good vision for what expectations our community and department for the next police chief,” Cole said.

The scandal cost Hall, Davis and five other cops their jobs, with another three suspended.

Former La Vergne Police Officer Maegan Hall.
Maegan Hall, a married cop, claimed in a federal civil rights lawsuit that she was “sexually groomed” by her superiors in the La Vergne Police Department.
La Vergne Police Department

In a federal civil rights lawsuit she filed last month against the city, Davis and two other cops, Hall claimed she was “sexually groomed” by officers on the all-male late shift.

In a follow-up TV interview, she said she was “sexualized” in the small department after she claimed she was coaxed into an affair with Sgt. Lewis Powell.

“I know what most people are saying,” she told WTVF. “You know, ‘You could’ve said no.’ I get it. But my response to them is, ‘I did say no, and he wouldn’t take it for an answer.’

La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole.
La Vergne, Tennessee Mayor Jason Cole and other city leaders have asked former Police Chief Daniel Hahn to help find a new chief after the Maegan Hall sex scandal.
City of La Vergne

“Eventually I gave in from pressure,” Hall said.

The Post reported earlier this month that Davis openly joked about the affair and at one point shared a 13-minute video that allegedly depicts Hall masturbating.

In one text message exchange with Davis, since-fired Sgt. Ty McGowan quipped that Hall “has a tight little ass,” to which the ex-chief replied, “Yep.”

The scandal erupted after Hall claimed she became suicidal and checked herself into a local hospital — with city officials then tipped off about the steamy goings on.

La Vergne city officials have declined to discuss Hall’s lawsuit.

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