Texas Rep. Van Taylor’s ‘ISIS bride’ mistress says she’s no ‘homewrecker’

Texas Rep. Van Taylor's 'ISIS bride' mistress says she's no 'homewrecker'

The former ISIS bride whose affair with a Texas congressman caused him to drop his bid for reelection told The Post Thursday she’s not ashamed of the adulterous relationship because she truly loved him.

“People can call me a homewrecker but, you know what, f–k that because adultery is something in society that happens,” said Tania Joya, 38.

Joya — the widow of John Georgelas, an American who joined ISIS in 2013 — said she was devoted to Republican Rep. Van Taylor, 49, and believed they’d one day be married after their affair began in October 2020.

But she said she soon learned he was a two-faced womanizer who was using her — so she eventually told his wife, Anne, about the affair, she said.

“I warned Van I would [tell her]. I was reacting. I was like, she has every right to know what kind of man she’s married to,” she said.

During their on-again-off-again relationship, Joya — who escaped ISIS in Syria and moved to Plano, Texas — said she begged Taylor to leave Anne, but he refused due to their daughters.

The excuse irked Joya, she said.

Rep. Van Taylor (R-Texas)
Rep. Van Taylor (R-Texas) had an extramarital affair with Joya.
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“If it’s just about your child, well guess what, divorce is pretty normal today. We’re not living in the 18th century,” she said. “But he wouldn’t because he was afraid of his reputation as a Republican conservative. He didn’t want people to say that his marriage wasn’t perfect,” he said.

On Wednesday, Taylor sent an email to supporters announcing he was dropping out of his GOP runoff with Keith Self following Tuesday’s primary election for Texas’ 3rd Congressional District.

In the email, he confessed to the affair and apologized for causing “a deep hurt and pain among those I love most in this world.”

Joya first met Taylor, a Marine vet, through a program combating extremism, which she started after returning to the US from Syria. The pair initially bonded because they were both “unhappy” and he supported her emotionally and financially, she said.

“I needed help. I needed a hero, somebody who I thought cared. Van kept saying he cared,” he said. “It wasn’t just a sexual affair … it was emotionally, too.”

She added,  “Van did take advantage of me but I didn’t know that until the end.”

At one point, he tried to dump her by saying he wanted to date “other” Indian women, she said.

Joya — a British native from Bangladesh, not India — was appalled by more than just the nationality slip-up.

“I found it extremely offensive, because I was like, you’re breaking up with me saying you want to be with your wife but then you’re talking about having sex with other Indian women?” she said.

“I even said to him, ‘It’s you who can’t keep your hands to yourself. It’s you who can’t keep your d–k in your pants. He knew I was in love with him,” she added.

Joya — who herself was married to Texas IT executive Craig Bruma at the time of the affair — said tensions eventually came to a head and they split last summer.

Tania Joya
“People can call me a homewrecker but, you know what, f–k that because adultery is something in society that happens,” Joya said.
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In November, she contacted Anne, and confessed to the affair and hasn’t spoken to Taylor since December, she said.

Bruma, who met Joya on Match.com and married her in 2018, said the relationship had been rocky before she cheated with the politician.

“What really ticked me off is that he is my congressman,” he told The Post. “I live in the third district, and it’s insane to me that it’s enough for him to just give up his bid for re-election and that’s somehow enough.”

“I think he should step down right now … I don’t think he should finish out his term. I think he should leave in disgrace,” he said.

He said Joya’s relationship with Taylor destroyed her emotionally.

“I think he was being very manipulative of her and manipulating someone who is very fragile,” he said.

Taylor didn’t return calls Thursday.

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