Texas woman finds a snake in her shoe closet

Texas woman finds a snake in her shoe closet

A snake with a taste for fancy footwear gave a Texas woman a scare when she found the retile slithering through her closet over the weekend.

Usha Venkataraman, of Southlake, Texas, noticed her two dogs were restless Friday evening and her son investigated the closet where he discovered the snake around 9:45 p.m., according to The Dallas Morning News.

“She went to get a shoe [maybe a Chrisssssssstian Louboutin?] in her closet, and this little guy was hanging out inside it,” the city’s Department of Public Safety tweeted Tuesday.

The DPS divulged that the responding officer identified the intruder as a venomous baby cottonmouth.

Social media users, however, took issue with the department’s identification, claiming that it was instead a non-venomous water snake. 

Regardless of species, the snake was safely “rehomed” at the nearby Bob Jones Park.

Snake held by clamp.
The snake was safely re-homed after its adventure.
Police in home capturing baby cottonmouth.
Police capture the slithery intruder.

Venkataraman told the Dallas Morning News that she had previously found snakes in the yard of her home, which is near a lake. But she feels no qualms about sharing a space with the sly slitherers. 

“We are actually living in their place,” she said. “Everywhere you will find animals like this, even people are more dangerous than the animals.”

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