This is the key to feeling happier at work, majority of Americans say

This is the key to feeling happier at work, majority of Americans say

While the state of California ponders mandating four-day work weeks, a new study found that summer Fridays are the key to employee happiness.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Wisetail, found that over half of its 2,000 participants enjoy when their companies allow a short day on Friday — or the full day off — to jumpstart their weekends.

Eight out of 10 respondents said knowing they have this perk helps them feel happier while on the clock.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 73 percent of participants said their work productivity depends on the weather outside.

“While there are evolving variables to the explanation and reason behind productivity and nice weather, we can correlate better weather with a more positive outlook on the day and overall better mood,” Kyle Reichelt, a product manager at Wisetail, told South West News Service.

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Over half of the participants said leaving early on Fridays makes them happier at work.

“We also know that better moods lead to increased motivation and self-confidence, which all contributes to efficiency levels in productivity,” he added.

Of them, 28 percent said cool weather helps them achieve the best result,s while 27 percent will be most productive under blue skies.

Forty-three percent of respondents said they get the most work done in the spring.

The study found that participants also prefer to take their work outdoors (65 percent), to cafés (53 percent), to rooftops (48 percent) and to patios (48 percent).

Poor weather can also lead to bad workdays. Twenty-five percent of people said heavy rain and freezing temperatures can be the root of their unproductiveness, while 22 percent associate snow with having a bad day at work.

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Overall, 68 percent of respondents said the motivation to learn or grasp information at work drops when the weather is poor.
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The weather greatly affects how productive people are at work.
The weather greatly affects how productive people are at work.

Five weather conditions to boost productivity:

  • Cool temperatures: 28%
  • Clear blue skies: 27%
  • Warm temperatures: 25%
  • Partly cloudy, blue skies: 24%
  • Light rain: 22%

Five weather conditions to drop productivity:

  • Heavy rain: 25%
  • Thunder: 25%
  • Freezing temperatures: 25%
  • Snow: 23%
  • Hot temperatures: 23%

“Increasing workplace productivity starts with learning which task management tricks work best for you,” Reichelt said. “While we can’t control the weather, we can control how we tackle our day and adjust for different weather conditions knowing how they affect us.”

He also offered tips on how to structure one’s time for the better.

“Focusing on one task at a time, taking regular breaks, time-blocks on your schedule, and initiating small goals with small objectives are all tricks you might try,” he suggested. “Also, try waking up a bit earlier. As noted in the study, many find that waking up before 7:30 a.m. affects productivity and energy throughout the day. 

“Further, assigning yourself your most challenging tasks that require intense focus at the peak clear-minded time of the day leads to increased productivity and efficiency,” Reichelt concluded.

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The study found that employees also like to take their work out on the town.

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