Travis McMichael’s lawyer claims Ahmaud Arbery judge pressured

Travis McMichael's lawyer claims Ahmaud Arbery judge pressured

If presidents and celebrities hadn’t mouthed off about the men convicted of killing Ahmaud Arbery, they may have gotten lighter sentences, a lawyer who repped one of the accused claimed.  

Everyone involved in the case – including cops, prosecutors, the jury and the judge – was under unnatural scrutiny from the very beginning, Jason Sheffield, an attorney for Travis McMichael, told TMZ Saturday.

Anyone who showed any sympathy for his client was criticized and threatened, the lawyer insisted.

“So the decision-makers face the same fate if they don’t acknowledge the narrative that has been perpetrated by Ben Crump and Lee Merritt, as well as the national media, former presidents Obama, Trump and [current President] Biden, and top-level sports athletes and entertainers,” Sheffield said.

Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley
Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley sentenced all three men convicted of killing Ahmaud Arbery to life in prison.
AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton, Pool

Shooter McMichael, 35, and his 66-year-old father, ex-cop Gregory McMichael, were both told they would spend the rest of their lives behind bars without the possibility of parole. Even though they can never be released, both were also given an extra 20 years to run consecutively on a lesser aggravated assault charge.

Their neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan, 52, also got a life sentence, but with the possibility of parole — which he can only apply for after serving 30 years, when he will be 82.

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