Trump tells allies he could announce 2024 bid tonight

Trump tells allies he could announce 2024 bid tonight

Former President Donald Trump has told several allies he could announce a 2024 presidential run Monday night at a rally for Ohio Republican Senate candidate JD Vance, The Post has learned.

A well-connected Republican source said the 45th president was “telling people he might tonight, but it’s not a done thing.”

Trump told several prominent conservatives over the past two weeks that he would formally throw his hat in the ring during his 8 p.m. appearance with Vance in Dayton, Ohio.

But it’s unclear if the notoriously mercurial 76-year-old intends to actually do so on the eve of an election in which Republicans are favored to win the House and possibly the Senate.

“It’s not inconceivable that this is just Trump doing Trump things,” the source said, adding: “This all could be a ploy by Trump to get people to pay attention to the rally.”

“This is so classic … We’re not going to know until he gets on stage.”

Journalists have attempted for months to scoop the date of Trump’s widely expected announcement.

Last week, the publication Axios said an announcement could happen Nov. 14, the Monday after voting day.

A well-connected source told The Post they also had heard that date, while a second source said no date had been set — but an announcement would come at some point this month.


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