Trump’s 2016 campaign settles non-disclosure case for $450K

Trump's 2016 campaign settles non-disclosure case for $450K

Former President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign has settled a years-long legal battle with an ex-staffer over non-disclosure agreements it required employees and volunteers to sign. 

The campaign agreed to settle the case with former staff member Jessica Denson for $450,000, with $25,000 going to Denson and $425,000 covering costs and legal fees, court documents made public on Friday show, according to Bloomberg.

Earlier this week, a federal judge in New York refused to keep the terms of the settlement sealed, putting the agreement in jeopardy. The Trump campaign had stated that keeping the dollar amount of the settlement confidential was a “core component” of its decision to settle the case, Bloomberg reported. 

However, lawyers for Denson and the Trump campaign informed US District Judge Paul Gardephe on Friday that they would move forward with the settlement despite it being made public. 

“Thanks to the court, this is another victory for truth and transparency. The Trump campaign can hide nothing now, not even the real price they’ve agreed to pay for our tireless and victorious battle against their forced silence,” Denson said in a statement to Bloomberg.

Jessica Denson
Lawyers for Denson estimate that some 422 individuals were forced to sign NDAs in order to work on the campaign.
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Last month, the campaign agreed to release all former staffers, volunteers and contractors from non-disclosure and non-disparagement agreements they were forced to sign during Trump’s 2016 presidential run. 

Lawyers for Denson estimate that some 422 individuals were forced to sign NDAs in order to work on the campaign.

She and her attorneys were in the process of trying to have the case certified as a class action when they reached the settlement agreement.

In March of 2021, a federal court ruled that the 2016 Trump campaign NDAs were invalid and unenforceable.

Denson isn’t the first former Trump staffer to win an NDA case against the former president’s campaign. 

An arbitrator ruled in September 2021 that an NDA signed by Omarosa Manigault Newman, the former “Apprentice” star who worked as a White House adviser, was also “unreasonable” and “unenforceable.”

Trump’s presidential campaign was later ordered by an arbitrator to pay $1.3 million in legal fees to Newman over the dispute.

The Trump campaign had filed a complaint against Newman with the American Arbitration Association in 2018, claiming that her tell-all-book — “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House” — violated her nondisclosure agreement.

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