Turkish businessman alleges ex stole his sperm to get pregnant

Turkish businessman alleges ex stole his sperm to get pregnant

“Spermgate” has erupted in the Turkish province of Izmir over ownership of the life-creating fluid.

A businessman, identified only as H.S.T., had accused the mother of his sons of stealing his sperm to get pregnant, according to Newsflash.

But a Turkish court recently tossed the claim, finding instead that sperm can’t be stolen.

The woman, Sevtap Sensari, 45, had filed a paternity case against the 61-year-old, whom she became romantically involved with in 2000 and who she said promised to marry her, only to later renege.

The court found the man parted with his genetic material voluntarily. He allegedly told his ex-lover he’d accept paternity and marry her if she had a son, insisting on in-vitro fertilization, which guaranteed a male heir.

Sevtap Sensari and H.R.T.'s sons
Sevtap Sensari claims H.S.T. had promised to marry her if she had a son.
Sevtap Sensari
The court dismissed H.S.T.’s claim that Sevtap Sensari had stolen his sperm.

But after the process resulted in twin boys, H.S.T. allegedly refused to acknowledge them and got violent, according to the report. Sensari sued him for $500,000 lira or about $37,000 today, but the man refused a DNA. sample. The paternity suit is still pending, though the court has accepted the man is the father.

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